Wholesale Gerbera Daisies

Also known as Transvaal daisy, Gerbera daisy is one of the most versatile and colorful flowers. They can make the perfect choice for every special occasion because of the impressive large and colorful flowers that grow on top of single, tall stems. In fact, if you like unconventional bouquets, they are great for weddings too! Besides that, buying wholesale gerbera daisies fromBella Wedding Flowers will allow you to save money and enjoy the most beautiful flowers you can have at your wedding.

Gerbera daisies are the second most popular flowers in the world, right after the roses. Their cheerful aspect and colorful petals make them perfect for every bouquet and they are absolutely great next to many types of flowers. Original from South Africa, they come in many sizes and colors, such as red, yellow, salmon, pink, orange or white. The flower sizes vary from 2 to 5 inches and the whole plant can reach up to 24 inches. The gerbera daisies are flowers that must be planted annually.

Their bright colors and compact aspect makes the perfect for many special occasions. These beautiful gerbera daisies are great even for wedding bouquets. People that want to get away from the conventional white callas will find gerbera daisies to be the perfect choice. A bouquet made of such daises will definitely become a centerpiece, especially because of the outstanding colors of the flowers. The best part is that these flowers are good for all the seasons! Apart from that, they can be used alone or with other flowers due to their versatility.

Bella Wedding Flowers is a company that has found a way to provide quality flowers for wedding bouquets at really small prices. You can find wholesale gerbera daisies at only $58 for twenty flowers! And, believe it or not, they are not discount prices resulted from the fact that the flowers have a lower quality. No, these are the reals costs of the flowers because the company doesn’t need to invest in unnecessary storage and florists. They only need to select the flowers from a farm and ship them directly to you, so that you can enjoy a bright and colorful wedding, surrounded by fresh, breathtaking flowers.

There are two main types of wholesale gerbera daisies that can be found at Bella Wedding Flowers.First of all, there are the standard gerberas, which are perfect for bouquets and vases. Buying wholesale gerbera daisies is the best way to get a better pricing! You can enjoy a fun and colorful bouquet that is always in style. Moreover, there are also minigerberas, which make the perfect choice for boutonnieres, corsages and for filling in wedding bouquets. When the standard gerberas are simply too large for what you have in mind, these little cute germini come in very handy!

You will get free shipping at every order of wholesale gerbera daisies    from Bella Wedding Flowers so it is better if you don’t miss the opportunity and place the order as soon as possible!