The Afrodisiak Show: Africa's Premiere Late Night TV Show with host Kanyile to Debut June 2014

Atlanta, Georgia  Why is there such a disparity between Africa and the world entertainment industry? In a quest to bridge the gap and connect Africa with other continents through entertainment, an electrifying new show has been created. The Afrodisiak Show will highlight the best in television, fashion, sports, and the movie industries, with music, business and philanthropy. What The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is to the US, and what Friday Night with Jonathan Ross is to the UK, The Afrodisiak Show with Kanyile will be to Africa.  As Africa’s premiere late night television phenomenon, the show will feature Africa’s biggest and brightest stars alongside international superstars. More importantly the show will connect international philanthropists with African organizations.

The Afrodisiak Show, a new late-night talk and variety show hosted by Southern African Author and Screenplay Writer Fritz Kanyile Ka-Ngwenya, will be recorded in front of a live studio audience beginning June 26, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The show will be a catalyst for collaborations between African acts and their international counterparts as well as a great springboard for new artists and expert personalities looking to gain global acclaim. 

Executive Producer  Fritz Kanyile Ka-Ngwenya says the show will be like no other late night talk show.  " Each show will feature "the Gatekeeper," (an African warrior in complete African regalia) as he enthusiastically beats an African drum before the announcer, resident Dee-jay Jelly introduces  the Host who is followed by the African Diamonds (five female dancers).  They will make a grand entrance dancing to some international and African rhythms by ‘Q’ and the Teddy White Band as the audience undulates with appreciation. It's going to be a high energy, uniquely cultural, late night experience," said the Executive Producer known affectionately by friends and colleagues as Fritz. "In short, we are different because The Afrodisiak Show with Kanyile is made to measure for your viewing pleasure laced with an African flavor."

About  Fritz Kanyile Ka-Ngwenya

Growing up in Zimbabwe and viewing the state of his culture, he was motivated by the idea that we could begin to change belief systems through images, and in his own small way he wanted to make a difference in Africa. He felt that the African people were surrounded by natural resources but that they had not fully tapped into the treasures within their individual minds. They were not pursuing their dreams, and many were losing hope.

These views led him to create and host his first television show, The Afrodisiak Show with Kanyile, which has allowed him to meet and befriend personalities he’d seen only on television and movies, back in Africa. He wanted to bridge the chasm between the American and the African entertainment industries, and while in Atlanta he has met many people and personalities who wanted to help make difference in Africa, but did not know how or who to contact.  He states, "One of our main segments is called "Doing Good in da Hood: Leadership & Philanthropy."  It is through this segment in which they contact philanthropists with needy Non-Profit Organizations in Africa.  The wise have shown him that education and giving back is a lifelong process, and he has vowed to be a lifelong student, while striving to help others develop and attain their goals and ambitions.

Ka-Ngwenya is also the author of the book, The Potential Within, published in January 2013.  His second book, planned for a Black History Month Release February 1, 2014, is called "Imagine Living the African Dream: Thoughts on African Solutions to African Issues.  Ka-Ngwenya is a popular speaker in Atlanta and describes himself as an enthusiast in human potential.

To interview Fritz Kanyile Ka-Ngwenya contact his publicist Tandaleya Wilder at She Got Game Media (914) 572-3671.