America Invents Acts forces Companies to change intellectual property polices and procedures

Naperville – January 15, 2014 – ipPerformance Group, a leader in benchmarking corporate intellectual property law and managementoperations announces the release of its America Invents Act Impact on Patent Operations report. The findings indicate that most companies have made changes in their invention capture and review procedures and public disclosure polices. Comparative analysis conducted to evaluate if company current actions changed from what were reported in 2012 prior to the Act implementation.


“America Invents Act has encouraged companies to adapt their procedures, workflows and policies.  The increased fees as well as pre and post grant proceedings are major factors that are impacting budgeting and strategy,” says Robert Williamson, president at ipPerformance Group.


Among the findings that emerged from this research are the following:


85% of companies indicate that American Invents Act has influenced them to make public disclosure of an invention prior to patent filing policy changes.


The topics that we investigated fell into eight core areas, which include: First inventor to file, Section 102 Disclosure, Inventor Notebook Usage, Trade Secrets, Costs Management and Policy Changes, Increase in USPTO fees, Pre/Post-Grant Proceedings, Patent monitoring and searching activities, and Prior User Rights.


Fifty-nine (59) companies representing a variety of industries participated in this comprehensive study, including Air Liquide, NOVA Chemical, Sun Chemical Corp., Dow Corning Corporation, Nova Measuring Instruments, ZBD, AVEBE U.A., Sasol, Neste Oil, Micro Encoder Inc., Automotive Technologies Intl., Dow Corning, NOVA Chemicals Inc., and Freescale Semiconductor.


A full report of the survey findings is available at ipPerformance Group’s website.


Other intellectual property asset management research topics include intellectual property management strategy and performance metrics, litigation and enforcement, trade secret management, intellectual property asset management software, training and education, open innovation, open source governance, patent search and analytics, intellectual property department operations, trademark strategies and practices, and licensing management.


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