Entrepreneurs Showcase Industrial Hemp w/ Innovative Body Care Products

Columbus, OH - With marijuana grabbing all the national headlines, local entrepreneurs, Scott Sondles and Michael Bumgarner hope to bring more attention to the less familiar super-crop that is industrial hemp. Focused on body care for now, the new Hemp & Honey Plus (Hh+) line of products is proving to be the perfect gateway to educate the masses on the myriad benefits of this unique plant. 

Most people still associate hemp with marijuana and the fact is that these two variants are very different. While marijuana is commonly smoked as a drug, industrial hemp can be used for tens of thousands of consumer products ranging from foods and fuel to construction materials and body care. It's this consumer confusion that set Sondles and Bumgarner on their path to reintroduce hemp to the masses.

For starters, hemp seed oil is extremely good for the skin and contains what doctors describe as the perfect balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. Products with hemp seed oil absorb into the skin quickly and lock in moisture better than other artificially derived lotions. As for the honey in Hemp & Honey Plus products - the decision was simple; it had to be Manuka Honey. Recent studies have shown that Manuka Honey (only available in New Zealand) has the highest level of antibacterial properties of any honey in the world. Many hospitals are now experimenting with Manuka Honey-based applications to harness its advanced healing properties.

The "Plus" in the product name represents all the other natural ingredients used including coconut oil, grape seed oil, beeswax, green tea and shea butter. "If you've never heard of an ingredient or can't pronounce it - we did not use it in this all-natural line of products," said Sondles. "We knew we had to go top of the line, all-natural and organic as much as we possibly could."

Hemp & Honey Plus products are currently available online at and at select retail outlets in the Midwest. The product line was recently picked up by Denver-based Hemp Box and is currently featured in the company's October box as part of a monthly service that sends hemp-based products to subscribers - a growing trend in the "curated gift box" market.

The body care line is just a piece of the puzzle for Sondles and Bumgarner as they have grand visions for their larger parent company, HempStrong Brands. Their goal is to bring awareness to industrial hemp as a viable crop for small farming operations. To date, the Hh+ founders have been forced to import their hemp seed oil from Canada. They are on a mission to fix this problem and change is on the horizon as more informed consumers now have access to more sustainable products that are good for the body, good for the local economy and ultimately - good for the planet.

Media Contact:

Christian Deuber