Some myths for mother's selection of shoes for their baby

China - Most of mother should have the feeling and mind that giving their baby a pair of comfortable shoe is very crucial. As baby could not express their uncomfortable feeling about their shoe so the unfitting shoe will let lovely baby suffer from very painful experience which will directly affects the health of baby. That is why the parent needs to choose a good pair of shoes. Unfortunately, many mothers have errors about the selection for their baby's shoes. Today, the editor from famous online seller for adidas superstar will introduce with each mother these myths.

Myth One: The bending Level of the sole should be huge enough

The sole of kid shoes need to have the appropriate thickness and hardness. However, the soft sole cannot support baby's feet and baby will be easy to produce fatigue feeling in the wearing of the soft sole shoes. In fact, in addition to the suitable soft and hard feeling, the bend level of the sole of shoe is also very crucial factor of the baby shoe selecting. Frankly speaking, there are many kids shoes have bend at the middle part of the shoe that will easy to hurt the baby relatively fragile foot arch. However, if mother could choose the Adidas shoes for kids from website , they will find that the above problem will be easy to be eliminated.

Myth Two: shoes with thick sole should be more comfortable and anti-shock

In the process of walking, the shoes will continue bend and recover with the movement of the foot. The thicker soles of shoes, the more laborious the bending of it. This kind of situation will easily let the small baby who like running and jumping get fatigue feeling of the foot thus affecting the health condition of knee, joints and waist. The long term of affecting will affect the structure of the baby's foot joints. In a word, the editor from suggests that the suitable thickness of soles of children's shoes should be five to ten mm and heel height should be between six to fifteen mm.

Myth Three: the shoe which has the bow-type shoe insole will be much more comfortable

Many baby shoes will be installed a raised cushion at middle part of the insole and most of mothers will generally believe that this part will help to hold the arch and let baby get the comfortable feeling. In fact, this shoe should be more suitable for adults to wear. For children, it will reduce the arch stretching space so that the developmental of the arch muscles for baby will not get enough training in daily walking. After long term of wearing this shoe, baby's feet will become flat.

The editor hopes each mother could abandon all above myths. If mother want to select the most suitable shoe for their baby, the adidas shoes for kids from the below website should be their best choice.


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