There were times when a computer used to be the size of a room, with huge vacuum cables running throughout its length and breadth. But the last few years have seen a tremendous advancement in computer technology. The devices continue to shrink but their processing power continues to grow. From desktops to Laptops South Africa, the processors are becoming leaner and meaner. Multitasking, multiprocessing and multiprogramming are being taken to a whole new level. Among the latest hardware to be unveiled, one product stands out – manufacturing giants Intel have come forward with their newest masterpiece, the i7 range of processors.

The i7 processors are lightning fast! They are capable of rendering top quality graphics and seamlessly playing high definition content amongst their many achievements. Multiprocessing, or the ability to run multiple programs simultaneously, is now powered by Intel’s flagship programmes – the Intel Turbocompresseur Increase Technological Innovation, and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology.

The Intel Turbocompresseur Enhance Technology boosts the i7’s processor frequency. More cycles per unit time means faster process execution, which consequently reduces the waiting time for pipeline processes. In simple language, the i7 laptop has the fastest response times when it comes to Laptops South Africa processing. The users seldom experience the problem of their computer ‘hanging’.

The Intel Hyper-Threading Technology allows for several programs to run together by providing the processor with multiple process threads. By switching between these threads, the processor is able to handle multiple program requests efficiently and at the same time. One can easily play their music, copy files, run applications, work on their documents and surf on the internet at the same time.

The i7 range of processors also employs integrated memory controllers to govern the data and address flow between the processor and main memory. This drastically reduces the memory access times, which in turn reduces the latency between requests and their addresses. The impact is direct and positive on the process execution time. Statistics reveal that the i7 processors are twenty-two percent faster than Intel’s own Dual Core processors, which are more popular at the moment.

With the new i7 processors, your Laptops South Africa will become real powerhouses. They will turn from simple laptops to gaming consoles in the blink of an eye. Even rendering 3D graphics is possible with them so that you can enjoy all those high-end games that you have always wanted. For other heavy users, these processors will support all of your applications without breaking sweat. Developers will have fun playing with their softwares on these quick-response processors.

Combined with a reputed Laptops South Africa manufacturing brand, the Intel i7 processors will give you a tough machine that means business. Buying one of these may be one of the wisest computing decisions that you make.

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