How Clinical Research Enhances Health Care? Clinical research is a current knowledge-intensive and booming industry. It is an industry that is growing at an astounding rate and opening up a wide scope of employment opportunities for trained people.

It deals with scientific analysis of the impact, risks and benefits of medicines or a medicinal product. Trials are worked out before initiating the products in the market. The tests are performed at different stages and supervision is maintained after the launch to scrutinize the safety concerns and monitor the side effects if any.

Clinical trials are ought to be considered as and regarded a medical care option that have the propensities to improve overall health effect, going beyond achieving the desired endpoints.

A healthy collaboration among patients, health care givers, drug manufacturers and policy makers can initiate patterned changes which can position clinical trial to center as per patient’s needs.

Engagement of patients is increasing its vitality in health care, there proved evidences that there is an influence of experience of patient to improved results and cost cutting.

Participation in Clinical research is an innovative care option which supports the goals of the “triple aim” – improving both the patient’s experience of care and population health, while reducing the health care per capita cost.

Typically, clinical research is transferable in nature. It’s not an integrated part of a health careorganization’s care options.

The impact of this disconnect can’t be underestimated. In large quantities clinical research study data that could be transformed by health care systems to important information used to analyze and improve population health are ignored.

Owing to lack of involvement of patients in a research process, patients don’t learn about clinical research from their physicians unless their health experts are directly engaged in a clinical trial.

Currently, very lesser percentage of population participates in clinical trials, yet a larger percentage

reports that they would participate under the recommendation of their physician.

It is difficult for patients to get insight about clinical research opportunities, find out what would suit them best and a willing physician to discuss matters with them.

New technologies and partnerships have the potential to help build an intermingled network and to support the triple aim, offering ability for innovative organizations to bring change. Such partnerships will create a trust between health care providers and the general public.

The timing is therefore right to implement a top model – for mingle clinical research into patient care as a care option. Several elements can be considered to integrate clinical research within the patient care cycle, engage and support research physicians with operational infrastructure, and improve the patient’s experience.

Patients would see improved access to better care, cost decline and increased involvement.

Providers would achieve improved care at lower costs, increased patient engagement, higher patient and physician satisfaction, increased patient market share, and progress towards their triple aim aspiration.

On the other way, the pharmaceutical industry would benefit from more access to patients, accelerated delivery of medicines, regulate risk diminution and improved data. Moreover such collaborations would increase predictability and transparency while reducing the volatility of clinical research

Clinical Research Organizations gain additional data for more feasibility, improved operating margins and greater predictability and reproducibility of success

Especially with the increase of ePatients and recent technology advances, patients are very eager to engage in the health care system. They have keen interest in discussing with their health care providers and and take responsibility for their health outcomes.

Ironically, clinical research platform that supplies new treatments and can help drive better outcomes often looked as something apart from health care rather than a part of health care.

When a patient centric model is initiated , new avenues are created that emerges to reinvent the value concept for clinical trials and thus clinical research can be more readily mingled into the overall chain of health care.

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