Maverick Entrepreneur and Author Yanik Silver Offers Golden Advice in “Collaboration Economy,”

CA, April 4th , 2014: Written by John Spencer Ellis and Topher Morrison, “Collaboration Economy: Eliminate the Competition by Creating Partnership Opportunities.”, aimed at helping owners of small businesses and entrepreneurs turn their businesses into gold mines, by maverick entrepreneur and author Yanik Silver will be released on May 6, 2014.

Silver has successfully conceptualized and implemented eight different service and business ideas, started from scratch and without taking a single penny in debt, has hit the million dollar mark. In “Collaboration Economy,” Ellis and Morrison collaborated with a variety of experts and also offer a series of expert interviews focused on future success as a small business owner. “I’m all about abundance and realizing that if you get together with other people and you’re collaborating with them, typically you’re going to end up being in a better position than if you stopped and only tried to do everything on your own”, are Silver’s own words.

In the book, Silver gives advice and states the value of co-creating, connecting and catalyzing, crowd funding platforms, asking compelling questions, creating value and sharing ideas, including the power in doodling.

A pre-press copy of the book is available for free at, for which buyers will only need to pay shipping and handling. The book will be available for $14.95 after May 6.

About Collaboration Economy and the authors:

Collaboration Economy is a book written by John Spencer Ellis and Dr Morrison, which aims at helping business owners realize and dominate their share in the market they operate in. John Spencer Ellis Enterprises is a solutions provider for fitness and coaching professionals around the world.

Since 1989, Morrison has trained tens of thousands of people worldwide, and is acclaimed as an expert in mass communication. Dr. Morrison is the author of the best-selling book, “Stop Chasing Perfection and SETTLE FOR EXCELLENCE” which is being hailed as the self-help book for people who are tired of self-help books.

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