New away soccer jersey for Real Madrid will be released soon

Spain – In the final stage the first season of this year, the displaying of Real Madrid new away soccer jersey for next season has already widely spread on the network. As the leaking out information of editor from famous online soccer jersey seller, the unique collar designation should be a major highlight of this Real Madrid new soccer jersey . On the other hand, the red color of this new published jersey make it become similar to the traditional Liverpool soccer jersey.

As the former description, the most eye-catching design for this new published jersey should be its neckline. At the designing stage for this new releasing jersey, the designers abandoned the traditional round neck, lapel neck or the typically V neck. However, they choose the round neck button type. At the position from armpit to the waist of Real Madrid home jersey, there has been added the red thin strips. At the same part of the Away world cup jersey for new published jersey, the red thin line will be replaced by the armpit to the white stripes. This should be the main difference to distinguish the home and away Real Madrid new soccer jersey.

The color of the background of this newly away jersey was selected as red. This makes the newly Real Madrid away jersey feels like the old Liverpool soccer jersey shirt. From matching season of 2011 and 2012, the color of Real Madrid away jersey was red and they also got a very funny name as the same color with Liverpool soccer jersey. The name was “Royal Liverpool”. As the initial plan, the red Madrid away jersey was originally scheduled to be appeared only in the Champions League of. However, as Real Madrid got impressive record with wearing red jersey, they always wear the red jersey to play the game.

On the other hand, there is also another remarkable detail which is worth to be mentioned on this newly published red away soccer jersey for Real Madrid. In the bottom of the back collar of this shirt, there is a stripe with red and white color. Between the position of the stripe and collar, it is printed with the word of Real Madrid.

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