Financial Management Specialist Bryon Spicer Featured in USA Today

Dayton, OH – March 24, 2014Bryon Spicer, author and retirement planning specialist,was recently seen in USA Today in recognition of recent acceptance of a Quilly® from The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™ (NABSA.) The NABSA is an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best-seller lists. Bryon was featured in the weekend edition of USA Today, which was published February 14-16th.

Bryon received his Quilly® for his best-selling book, Don’t Get Sacked in Retirement: A Financial Quarterback’s Playbook for Winning the Game. On the day of release, his bookreached best-seller status in 5 categories: #1 in Insurance; #1 in Life Insurance; #4 in Budgeting and Money Management; #18 in Best Industries and Professions; and #31 in Personal Finance.

Bryon K. Spicer, founder of Seniors Financial Services and Spicer Wealth Management, has devoted over three decades of his life to educating and assisting retirees and pre-retirees on how to plan for and protect their “Financial Security for their Golden Years.” Working closely with his clients, Bryon specializes in tax planning and identifying potential loopholes in financial, investment and estate plans. He works to detect where monies may be “falling through the cracks”.  As a Wealth Advisor, Bryon has been recognized in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and received a 5-Star Rating by Cincinnati Magazine.  He is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the National Ethics Bureau.  He has also co-authored a book titled “Issues of Aging.”

With Don’t Get Sacked in Retirement, Mr. Spicer helps to answer some of the most pressing questions that retirees face every day.  Such as:

Are you concerned that you may run out of money during your retirement years?

How will a serious illness affect your lifestyle? What effect would it have on your spouse?

Bryon Spicer serves as your “Retirement Quarterback,” helping you to navigate through the often-daunting challenges of retirement planning. Some of the chapters in the book include: “Why You Need a Retirement Strategy,” “An Income You Can Count On,” “Defensive Maneuvers to Protect Your Hard Work,” “Retirement Dreams and Pitfalls” and others.

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About Bryon:

Bryon Spicer has devoted over three decades of his life to educating and assisting retirees and pre-retirees on how to plan for and protect their “Financial Security for their Golden Years”. An advocate for comprehensive financial and retirement planning, Bryon’s goal is to help ensure that all components of a client’s financial affairs work in collaboration, producing a more positive overall outcome.  He provides direction in multiple areas of finance.  His strategies focus on wealth accumulation, preservation, protection and transfer.  Being “tax efficient” in areas such as income, estate, capital gains, gift and generation skipping, he focuses on finding the proper combination of financial tools available in the market place to safely and legally position finances so you pay only your “fair share of taxes” both now and in the future.  Bryon specializes in identifying potential loopholes in financial and estate plans in order to detect where money potentially may be lost.  He will help structure your affairs so you may transfer your assets to loved ones efficiently while minimizing the costs of probate and estate taxes.  Bryon understands how hard you have worked and how important proper planning is to your continued financial success and future.

An accounting major at Wright State University, Bryon has held several designations, including Certified Insurance Counselor.  He has co-authored a book titled “Issues of Aging”, and most recently published his Best-Selling book, “Don’t Get Sacked In Retirement: A Financial Quarterback’s Playbook for Winning the Game”.

Bryon is a sought after speaker.  He regularly conducts public workshops on many advanced financial topics to the general public and special interest groups.  In addition he has been a guest lecturer at the Ohio State University.  Bryon is an approved member of the National Ethics Bureau, which shows the highest regards for integrity and ethical decision making.

Bryon has been married to his wife, Kay since 1985 and has one son.  He and his family are very active in their church, school and sports associations, with Bryon holding several board positions within each.