Top Fence Ranks As The Biggest Manufacturer And Wholesaler Of High-Quality Fence Products

China (July 25, 2016) - The need for steel fence products is getting catapulted with each passing day from various industries. Top Fence is a name to reckon with as a steel fence manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter with its target market in America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Oceania and other parts of the globe. Since its inception in 2007, this manufacturing unit has been taking full control of planning, designing, engineering the best fence products and has a highly motivated team of 25-60 employees. It is annual sales of shows 2000000-300000 speaks for itself.

Top Fence has a huge market in Australia New Zealand as 80 percent of its products are sold there. All products pass the rigorous testing process and comply to AS Standards. This noted manufacturer is armed with 80 sets of spot welding machines, high-end tools and equipment, powder painted line for steel fence which aids in the huge turnout of fence products. Whether is Hercules Fencing, Garrison fence, steel fence, steel tubular fence, steel fence panels as residential products or decorative panels, crowd control barriers – Top Fence is a one-stop manufacturing hub.

It is the QC team of Top Fence which monitors the quality of the production and in 2015; it passed the 1SO 9001 Certification. With more than 20 high-performing punch machines, the shipping needs of Steel Tubular Fence, Tubular Fence, Steel Garrison Fence, Steel Spear Fence or any bulk requirement that is placed is fulfilled completely. They are equipped with auto electrostatic powder spray painted products and use first class powder –AKZ ONOBEL, which extends the service life 1.5 times!

About Top Fence
Top Fence is a name to reckon with as a steel fence supplier and manufacturer. This noted company is into designing a whole lot of steel fence products of all sizes ranging from 1800mm X 2400mm, 2100mm X 2400mm, Rail 40mm X 40mm 65mm X 65mm Post X 2700mm and the like. Its product inventory includes Hercules Fence, Garrison fence, steel tubular fence, steel fence panels, just to name a few.

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