Photography is a Game of Lights

Title: Photography is a Game of Lights | Author: Anand | Publisher: My Clicks Story

There are so many aspects in photography but most of the time some of the basic aspects are forgotten in the excitement of photography. One of the main aspects of photography is lighting.

If we take early days when photographers used to use black and white films to photograph, those days people used to see the object in color but the photographed pictures were black and white, it used to be very difficult to calculate the light on the object according to object's position. But still there were great legendary photographers those days who have done great job in producing great pictures.

In Black and White world people used to play around with the foreground contrast of the object/person with a darker background. If we look at some old black and white movies, they were composed so well that the actor was given so much preference in the frame of the screen and the background was never getting mixed up with the actual subject.

In today's world we are so lucky that we capture what we see through the camera which includes all the colors. Since we have moved into this colorful world, it is much more tougher to work with light for the object/subject with natural lighting in the outdoor photography. Especially we see so many photographers struggling with lighting in the field work while capturing landscape and wildlife or flora.

Simple points to remember in outdoor photography.

  1. Always make sure the sun light is falling from behind you.
  2. Since you are shooting in outdoor, make sure to set proper background for your subject. Outdoor provides various backgrounds it's your creativity to select as per the subject.      
  3. Photograph will look good when they are shot in the natures Golden light, which is between morning 6 am to 8 am and evening 4 pm to 6 pm. The other times is the day either will have strong sunlight or it gets dark. When there is strong sunlight the pictures are over exposed and the light is falling from the top, which is not good for photography. 
  4. The low light in the morning session which falls from the side is also good when you use it as a backlight for a subject, like the picture of a Pelican n top.

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