Comfort Finds Its Way into Apartments in Kharadi, Pune

Peace, bliss and tranquility dwelling in apartments in Kharadi, Pune. Kharadi, a soothing suburb close to Hadapsar, offers an escape from the hustle bustle of the busy city life and encourages emotional release. Location plays a very influential role in calming one's life. Moreover, Kharadi is located in a convenient position from where it has an easy connectivity to all other important areas of Pune like Magarpatta, Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar and Viman Nagar. Kharadi's close proximity to the busy life of Hadapsar, ensures that you don't miss onto the commitments that life demand. Amidst this hectic and strenuous life, individuals wish to come home to peace. This desire has led to an increase in demand for property in Kharadi, Pune.

KUL (Kumar Urban Developments Ltd.) have built their majestic project, KUL Nation, amidst this pristine locale. KUL is one of the leading real estate conglomerates who has shaped many inspirational real estate projects in Pune and Mumbai. This prestigious developer is an inspiration in the realm of real estate. They have shaped many landmark projects and are instrumental in changing the city's skyline. KUL's exquisite property in Kharadi, Pune, KUL Nation, is worth investing into. KUL Nation is created to be a kingdom of indulgent living. KUL knows that to live a contended and fully satisfied life one must have like-minded companions around them to share their experiences with. To materialize this ideology, KUL have created KUL Nation where like-minded individuals and families reside together in the kingdom of harmony. This empire is the common domain where congenial individuals can share and nurture their ideas, values, opinions and believes.

KUL Nation's regal apartments in Kharadi, Pune, are an epitome of comfort and security. This royal project is created with the intension of designing an oasis of perfect bliss and tranquility for its residents. It is a splendid cocoon where “Happiness Reigns”. The domain of KUL Nation is packed with energy and vitality. It transpires man's solemn vision for a beautiful and safe abode where one can visualize happy faces of the loved ones, and an abode that generates a proud sense of belongingness from each corner.

People owning KUL Nation apartments in Kharadi, Pune are offered a plethora of recreational, entertainment and relaxation options. A special city square is constructed for festive gatherings. An oasis of sprawling greenery, bliss and comfort is created to encourage meditation in tranquility. Such facilities sum up to bestow absolute bliss to its residents. This is a stand-out property in Kharadi, Pune, that has the concern to spread delight through its work. This project also facilitates its residents with a host of world-class amenities like:

•    Windmills
•    Solar powered high mast boulevard lights
•    Retail
•    Internal transport / utility vehicles
•    Common area generator backup
•    Ample visitor parking
•    Party area / club
•    Meditation / yoga hall / aerobics
•    Creche / gurukul room
•    Movie hall
•    Drive In movie area
•    Amphitheatre
•    Indoor and outdoor sports court
•    Kids play area
•    Olympic swimming pool
•    Master gymnasium
•    Skating rink
•    CBSE school
•    Hospital / medical center
•    First aid boxes at every junction
•    Police station
•    Fire station
•    Central CCTV security
•    Entry security check post
•    Separate entry for services

KUL Nation assures a life of pride, prestige and comfort for its residents. If you want to live life king size, KUL Nation is your ultimate destination.