Uphold Your 2nd Amendment Rights! The Concealed Carry App – CCW Law and Reciprocity App Is A Must For You!

De Pere, WI January 29, 2014 – If you are an empowered gun owner, or are planning on becoming licensed to carry in your state, then you need to add the Concealed Carry App to your arsenal of safe carrying tools. This app provides the most up-to-date reciprocity laws as well as the states where your permit is valid. The app is actually easy to use compared to others on the market. You’ll no longer have to worry about where you’re permitted to carry.

Legally and proudly enter any state without the fear of being illegally armed!

·         View the states where your license or permit is currently honored.

·         Stay up-to-date by easily adding new permits and removing expired ones.

·         Determine which states have reciprocity agreements.

·         Remove the frustration of reading page after page of CCW laws.

·         Reference state gun laws as needed.

Now you can confidently travel from state to state without the fear of breaking laws! This is the must-have app for all responsible gun owners.

Concealed Carry App – CCW Law and Reciprocity

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