Former Infusionsoft Leaders Brad Martineau and Dave Lee’s SixthDivision Help Entrepreneurs Build Successful Businesses

Chandler, AZ – March 24, 2014 - Brad Martineau and Dave Lee, the entrepreneurial forces behind the Chandler, Arizona based SixthDivision, launched their company in late 2011 with a simple mission: to help fellow entrepreneurs “build successful businesses so they can enjoy life as they see fit.”

Leading a team of dedicated consultants and coaches, the partners – both former leaders of Infusionsoft, one of the fastest growing private companies in Arizona – provide coaching and software tools as part of multi-faceted implementation packages to help small business owners unleash marketing automation, sales and fulfillment strategies on their companies. Working exclusively with Infusionsoft customers, SixthDivision is the leader in consulting, training and implementation of the company’s revolutionary platform.

Founded in 2004, Infusionsoft has likewise long been dedicated to the single purpose of helping small businesses succeed. Providing a web based all-in-one sales and marketing software for small businesses since 2004, Infusionsoft’s approach includes products that streamline the customer lifecycle and the processes of customer relationship management, marketing automation, lead capture and e-commerce.

Infusionsoft offers an integrated email marketing platform with specific features that include lead scoring, web tracking and social media tools. These help clients automatically market their products and services to secure core customers, grow their sales and save time.

Dave and Brad decided to launch SixthDivision in their hotel room during a frenzied week at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. They attended the event on behalf of LeadMD, a marketing automation and consulting company (affiliated with Marketo) for larger businesses that they both worked for at the time. They were attending classes and schmoozing on behalf of LeadMD, but emerged with their own game plan on how to help smaller businesses and forge their own entrepreneurial path towards financial growth and independence.

Understanding the value of branding, and needing a strong name for their business to stand behind, the two came up with “SixthDivision,” which had several distinct influences. Brad was always fascinated with the Navy Seals, and his desire to build an elite team dedicated to that kind of efficiency made SixthDivision a logical choice. In addition, he and Dave consider their organization to be the “sixth division” of any company they work with after the five traditional foundational elements: marketing, sales, fulfillment, finance and internal operations.

SixthDivision’s growth over the past few years shows the powerful results of entrepreneurs connecting with and helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

Dave explains that he and Brad launched SixthDivision because thousands of small business owners that signed up weren’t using Infusionsoft to its full potential. “We realized that thousands of Infusionsoft customers only used a small portion of the software,” he says. “Because of the time we worked with the company, we saw the power and results it was capable of achieving and the difference a full implementation could do to an upstart or growing business. We really wanted to help people facilitate it and grow their businesses. Infusionsoft makes great software, and we’re best equipped at making sure people use it effectively to build their businesses.”

SixthDivision is founded on six core values, which are each delineated by a memorable quote from a famous (or in the case of Brad, not as famous) titan of industry: Amaze (Walt Disney), Do (Dale Carnegie), Learn (Henry Ford), Simplify (with a quote attributed to “Somebody Smart”), Humble-ize (Bill Gates) and Do Right (“Like your mom taught you” – Brad).

The SixthDivision team is no-nonsense when it comes to working with Infusionsoft users, but their website bios reflect a mix of seriousness and levity that will immediately put clients at ease. Brad, aka “Baller,” is addicted to fitted hats, while Dave “doesn’t wear hats…ever. But I do wear a helmet when I’m big mountain skiing...” The team is rounded out by Kendall Walker (Evangelist), Chase Frost (Rainmaker), Bret Martineau (Executioner), Clint Hosman (Executionist), Corey Thomas (Rockstar), Todd Stoker (Boy-Wonder) and Kristina Coyle (The Glue). 

SixthDivision is known as the place to go to use Infusionsoft right.  Whether a beginner or a top user, SixthDivision’s decades of experience and proven implementation system helps Infusionsoft users get the best results in the shortest time. For more information, visit

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