Buying Contact Lenses in Sydney CBD With Personal Eyes Optometry

Headquartered in Sydney CBD, Personal Eyes Optometry is one of the city’s most trusted sources for eye examinations, contact prescriptions, designer sunglasses, and custom-fitted eyeglasses. Personal Eyes, which has been in business since 1982, offers personalized eye care, takes payments made with Medicare, and carries glasses made from some of the industry’s most fashionable designers.

Each consultation with Personal Eyes Optometry is completely private and confidential. Your appointment will begin with one of the clinic’s licensed optometrists. After giving you a comprehensive eye exam, this optometrist will outfit you with sunglasses, a pair of prescription frames, or long-lasting contacts.

Choosing the Right Contacts

Depending on your needs, Personal Eye Optometry offers a wide range of eye contacts to choose from. More specifically, Personal Eye carries disposable contacts, active contacts, multi-focal contacts, and extended wear contacts.

The clinic works closely with popular contact manufacturers like Acuvue, Pure Vision, Pro Clear, and Bio Infinity, and CBA Vision to give their patients the best opportunity to find the right contacts for their needs and lifestyle. Personal Eyes Optometry only carries products from legitimate contact companies, so there is no need to be worried about receiving a fake pair of contacts after your eye examination.

Different Types of Contacts

Active contacts, which are sometimes referred to as sport contacts, can be used underwater. They are an ideal option for athletes, outdoor adventurers, and swimmers. Extended wear contacts, on the other hand, are made for people who are frustrated by constantly having to change their lenses. In fact, people wearing extended wear lenses can keep them in while they are sleeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Eyes Optometry’s first-time patients always want to know what they need to bring to their initial appointment. To help speed things up, Personal Eyes recommends that patients bring photocopies of their insurance information, medical history, and an up-to-date medication list.

More importantly, though, Personal Eyes asks that all patients bring their current pair of spectacles of glasses. For patients who wear contacts, Personal Eyes appreciates it if those patients bring in their contact solution in the original bottle. If the optometrist knows the contact brand the patient is using, he or she can better treat that individual.

Another popular question often fielded by Personal’s secretaries is whether or not the clinic’s services can be charged to Medicare. Personal Eyes Optometry understands that saving money is just as important to their patients as good vision is. For this reason, the clinic worked diligently with the local government to ensure that eye examinations and various prescriptions can be charged or billed in bulk to Medicare.

Patients with private insurance will be pleased to know that Personal Eyes electronically claims all appointments and prescriptions directly with HICAPS, which makes the billing process extremely straightforward and easy to understand.

Personal Eyes Optometry specializes in helping patients find contact lenses in Sydney. Besides offering contact lenses in Sydney CBD, the company also outfits patients with designer sunglasses and the latest spectacles, too.