Turn Shopper’s Price Tags into Big Sales

There is stiff competition among online retailers such that each eCommerce manager strives to come up with the best online shopping experience and sales strategy to outdo his or her competitors. Some are still stuck with traditional methods while others use well designed Product Detail Pages (PDPs) to attract customers. Whichever method you settle on, if it can help you have an edge over your competitors, it will always be welcome. Tag the Price is a new eCommerce solution that makes it easy to deal with savvy online shoppers.


Tag the Price brings an innovative way to boost sales through Shoppers’ price tags. The idea is based on the fact that prices of online retail items do fluctuate and Shoppers do not have time to keep track of these fluctuations so as to know when to buy at the price they prefer. Tag the price will track these fluctuations for you and alert you when the prices are right. It is simply a widget that will be embedded in your eCommerce site, specifically on the Product Detail Page (PDP). If consumers are not ready to buy a product, they might prefer tagging a price for it and would like to be alerted once price matches their tagged price. Once the shoppers’ price tags are matched, they will receive SMS or Email notification then they will proceed and make the purchase.


This solution brings lots of opportunities for online retailers to improve conversion rate and offering unique shopping experience. “Online sales are increasing day by day but the fact is eCommerce companies always struggle with lower conversion rate and boosting Sales; Newly developed solution is just a catalyst for improving conversion rate and increasing shoppers’ engagement with online items.” said Ripal Patel, Chief Strategist and Co-founder.


It has been found that most shoppers do fill carts with products that they are willing to buy just to know their prices then they abandon the carts. This is the typical scenario where Tag the Price solution will reduce cart abandonment rate because shoppers themselves will tag the prices they are willing to purchase the products for. It is a very smart way to engage online shoppers since it gives them the opportunity to purchase the products at a price of their choice and demand.


For online retailers, opportunities do exist now to boost sales with shopper’s price tags if you encourage them to tag their own price for your products. Tag the Price helps brands and retailers to read shoppers mind and allow them to tag their own price for the products, so they can purchase when it goes on sale. If your conversion rate is too low and sales is not growing up then why not try Tag the Price?


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Tag the Price bring innovative solutions for the online retailers and help them sale more and control the sales based on timing. We’ve built our solution by leveraging cloud technologies and recently got enrolled into Microsoft’s BizSpark program. Our team consists of people with robust background into various technologies and management.



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