What Is ODBC Driver and How To Install

An ODBC driver uses the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface by Microsoft company that allows programs to accessibility data in database management system (DBMS) using SQL as an ordinary for obtaining the information.

An ODBC driver uses the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface by Microsoft that allows programs to accessibility data in database management system (DBMS) using SQL as a standard for obtaining the information. ODBC allows highest possible interoperability, which means a single program can access different DBMS. Application end customers can then add ODBC database driver to link the application to their choice of DBMS.

The ODBC driver interface defines:

  1. A collection of ODBC operate phone calls of two types:

  2. Primary features that are centered on the X/Open and SQL Access Group

  3. Call Level Interface specification

  4. Prolonged features that assist additional performance, such as scrollable cursors

  5. SQL format centered on the X/Open and SQL Access Team SQL CAE requirements (1992)

  6. A conventional set of mistake codes

  7. A conventional way to link and logon to a DBMS

  8. A conventional reflection for data types

The ODBC remedy for obtaining data led to ODBC database driver, which are dynamic-link collections on Microsoft windows and distributed things on Linux/UNIX. These driver allow a software to find one or more data resources. ODBC provides an ordinary interface to allow program designers and providers of database driver to modify data between programs information resources.

Installation Steps

To set up the driver:

  1. Ensure that you have main authorization.

  2. Change to your listing where the ODBC driver on a linux system unix placed the data file known as msodbcsql- Ensure that you have the *.tar.gz data file which fits your edition of a linux system unix. To draw out the data files, perform the following control, tar xvzf msodbcsql-

  3. Change to the msodbcsql- listing and there you should see a data file known as set

  4. To see a record of the available set up options, perform the following command: ./

  5. Create a back-up of odbcinst.ini. The driver set up up-dates odbcinst.ini. odbcinst.ini contains the record of driver that are authorized with the unix ODBC Driver Administrator. To discover the place of odbcinst.ini on your pc, perform the following command: odbc_config –odbcinstini

  6. Before you put in the driver, perform the following command: ./ confirm. The production of ./ confirm reviews if your pc has the required software to include the ODBC driver on Linux

  7. When you are ready to set up the ODBC driver on A linux system unix, perform the command: ./ set up. If you need to specify an set up control (bin-dir or lib-dir), specify the control after the set up option

  8. After examining the certificate contract, kind YES to continue with the installation

  9. Verify that the ODBC Driver Administrator collection place is part the ld direction as follows: a) Modify /etc/ (using your manager of choice) b) If not already present, add /usr/lib64 to the last line of the data file, save, and go back to the international airport c) Run ldconfig (type ldconfig) to make the ld settings data file to be reloaded

ODBC achieves DBMS freedom by using an ODBC driver as a interpretation part between the program and the DBMS. The program uses ODBC features through an ODBC driver administrator with which it is related, and the driver goes the question to the DBMS. An ODBC driver can be considered as comparable to a printing device driver or other driver, offering an ordinary set of features for the program to use, and applying DBMS-specific performance. To know more join the sql training institutes in Pune.