KSV Welcomes Rob Niccolai As Client Group Director

Burlington, Vt. KSV, the Vermont-based marketing firm, is pleased to welcome seasoned marketing executive Rob Niccolai to lead as the company’s new client group director.

A 26-year marketing veteran, Niccolai’s experience is rooted in branding and strategic development across energy and sustainable industries. Leading account teams for agencies including the Shelton Group, Osborn & Barr and UPBrand, he helped guide companies to change consumers’ behavior with energy and inspire a deep awareness around the importance of energy efficiency. 

“Rob’s rich and varied history in energy, sustainability and other business sectors are well-suited to the needs of our agency,” said Yoram Samets, managing director of KSV. “We’re pleased to welcome him aboard to lead our client group forward.”   

Prior to joining KSV, Niccolai worked with clients including ENERGY STAR, Baltimore Gas & Electric, and Black Hills Energy. He was instrumental in developing a strategy for promoting the USDA Bio-Preferred program, which included brand development and logo design that ultimately helped spark innovation for bio-based products and promote sustainability.  

Niccolai is enthusiastic about assuming his new responsibilities, which include overseeing strategic work for KSV and clients such as National Grid and Mass Save; building and maintaining a collaborative culture among employees; and day-to-day management of the client group. 

“There is an abundance of creativity and great thinking here at KSV,” said Niccolai. “I’m excited to tap into the talent pool to bring deeper insights to our clients and to continue creating award-winning work.” 


About KSV
KSV is a marketing communications group with over 35 years of experience building brands and businesses. Founded in 1977, the firm employs more than 40 people at its offices in New York City, Boston, and Burlington, Vermont.