Star Fleet Battles Scions Of Scon Cruiser With Power Pallet  In Star Fleet Battles, no one knew that some Scon survived the detonation of the Subspace Ragnarok device. Over time, the Scon discovered a limited way to protect themselves against the subspace communications were driving them insane. When the Scon realized the damage they had caused to the Omega Sector, they swore to close the Subspace Fissures and Chasms created by the Subspace Ragnarok device. Little did the Scon know, this task would have to fall on their progeny, the Scions of Scon. It took hundreds of years, but the Scions of Scon finally developed the technology to heal the Subspace Fissures. This is the reason that the Subspace Chasms are closing, the Scions of Scon are undoing the damage their ancestors caused. Unfortunately, the rest of the Omega Sector remembers what the Scon did in the past. Thinking that the Scon of the past have returned, the empires of the Omega Sector will attack the Scions of Scon on sight.