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USA, Illinois, 20 June 2014 - Schlenker Enterprises, Ltd. design customized rulers for you as per your personal preferences.

Measuring heights or depths or for that matter anything has evolved a lot from time to time. The times when things were measured in hand spans are now gone and it’s the time for highly efficient rulers and scales. Customization has also taken rulers in its grip and today the personalized rulers have taken place of the earlier old ones. Schlenker Enterprises, Ltd. gets you the most accurate yet particularly built custom rulers for all your needs and works. The company offers various designs and variants for people with all types of choices and preferences.

Schlenker Enterprises, Ltd. also have unique rulers which have been appreciated for things apart from their designs. The company offers stainless steel rulers which are known across the globe for their efficient and accurate measuring ability. They are very précised and are especially useful for those who need to do minute measuring. They are even capable of measuring very small distances and are very advantageous in all the ways. Another new astonishing type of variety provided by the company is custom foldable rulers. As the name suggests, they are very flexible and easy to store and have long lasting lives because of these reasons. They are particularly preferred by those who carry a lot of luggage and do not have extra room for a long custom scale. Also, these rulers provide uniqueness and have become a trendy option. Schlenker Enterprises, Ltd. have a variety of rulers for you. So just choose your favorite one from the whole lot.

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Schlenker Enterprises, Ltd. have been providing premium quality rulers since 1977. They are dedicated to provide you precisely what you need and what you prefer.

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