The Update on Runescape Wilderness with 9% Off OSRS Gold

Fabulous News: OSRS gold & RS gold with 9% off from 03:00 a.m. GMT on Aug.12 to Aug 15. This month is all about extreme challenges, Runescape venture back into the Wilderness for a selection of brand new activities including a super risky achievement diary. It’s time to dust off your skilling outfits in search of the highly elusive skilling pets. There are three main changes in wilderness.

New Wilderness Achievement Diary
Wilderness dairy provides you some new achievements. The diary contains easy, medium, hard and elite tasks just like its less bloodthirsty brothers. You’ll be expected to raid warbands, create bakriminel bolts, kill the chaos elemental, run laps, take canoes…. all sorts! But it’s worth it - those who complete it will gain the Wilderness sword, XP lamps and upgrades to several of the old and new Wildly training methods.

Get Skilling Pets to Make Game Easier
After the boss pets made a big impact last year, Runescape has been tinkering away with bringing the same joy and rarity to skillers for all the non-combat skills. The higher your level, the higher the chance to get the drop and earn unique titles. You can earn them by simply doing anything that you could earn shattered heart rocks from, which is about 95% of all the skilling activities in the game! Many players highlight pets include the “Thieving Raccoon” pet, the “Runic Dragon” (fresh from the RuneSpan) and “Woody” – who features in both Woodcutting and Firemaking.

The New Activities and Recall Players Favorite Things on Beach Party
In the new wilderness activities, Runescape recalls players' favorite things back Such as: coconut shy, coconut collecting, sandcastle building, fishing, beachball rolling, battleships, cooking grills, strongmen and portals, not to mention Clawdia herself. On top of that there’s a ton of new activities: terrorbird racing, daily treasure hunts, a hook-a-duck game for training your Hunter skill, and some truly awesome rewards, including starfish and seahorse pets, a towel cape, and a wearable shark fin.

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