Lever Gear Launches Kickstarter Project

Lever Gear, an Asheville, NC company, announced today that it is raising funds via Kickstarter to complete the first production run of their revolutionary credit card sized multi-tool, The Toolcard™. Proudly made in America, the stainless steel, credit card-sized multitool has 40 functions and hundreds of uses. The Lever Gear Toolcard Kickstarter project launched today and has a goal of raising $12,000.

"Bringing a high caliber product to market wouldn't be possible without a strong team behind us," said Mike Scully of Lever Gear. "By working closely with local vendors throughout the design process we were able to optimize the design for manufacturing and keep a close eye on quality control. Now, with the support of our Kickstarter backers we hope to make the Toolcard a reality."

Launch Party

To celebrate the launch, Lever Gear is hosting a launch party at Twin Leaf Brewery in Asheville on Thursday, March 10. The event is free and open to the public and will begin at 5:00 pm. The party will feature live music, a real time view of the Kickstarter campaign, prizes and more. Food and craft beer will be available for purchase from Twin Leaf, 12 Bones and Korto's Mobile Pizza Kitchen.

Learn more about the launch party and RSVP here

The Lever Gear Toolcard™: A Credit Card Sized Multitool & Money Clip

The Lever Gear Toolcard™ is the most functional, most beautiful, most professional multi-tool you can fit in your wallet. The Lever Gear Toolcard™ packs 40 functions into a one ounce, credit card-sized tool. It’s always with you so you can get things done. Whether you need to open a can, draw a perfect circle, tighten a bolt, or open a beer - the Toolcard™ handles it all with ease.

With the perfect blend of style and function, the Toolcard™ is designed to look great with your other gear and still be the hardest working card-sized tool on the market.

The Toolcard™ has the attention to detail you demand from the objects you carry. The chamfered edges add visual depth to the flat form. The bead blast finish in silver or gunmetal black creates a beautiful, satin sheen and the laser etching adds sharp, permanent markings that are easy to read and look great.

Every feature on the Toolcard™ was designed for optimal functionality, from the bartender-style bottle opener to the screwdrivers, which align with the opposite corner for visual guidance. The cord cutter is safely nestled in the can opener recess and the perimeter edges are smooth, so they won’t snag on your wallet and feel great in your hand.


  • Slim enough to take anywhere: The Toolcard™ is just 1.5mm thick and slightly smaller than a credit card. Weighing only 1 ounce, you won't even notice it until you need it.

  • TSA compliant: The cord cutter blade is concealed inside the can opener recess so it's TSA compliant and won't cut your wallet.

  • Made in America: Designed in Asheville, NC and made in America with manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, New York and Arkansas.

  • Removable Money Clip: Snaps on and off in seconds with no tools or fasteners required and holds up to six credit cards.


"The Lever Gear Toolcard™ has become a must-have for our kayaking outings. Our folding kayaks have dozens of screws, nuts and bolts- and when you're on a serious trip, you have to be ready to repair anything. The stainless steel has held up through weeks of saltwater paddling,” said Anton Willis, Founder of Oru Kayak.

"I was immediately impressed with the weight, looks and feel of the card. The can opener works like a charm; I zipped through a can of Alphagetti and fed my seven-year-old son in no time. The three different screwdriver heads are small enough to handle many of those fine tuning adjustments one needs to make in the field... the inclusion of the ¼ inch hex bit holder is a stroke of genius,” said Dean Cattell of Taiga Adventures for Gearstash.Reviews.

Kickstarter Project

The Lever Gear Kickstarter project runs from March 10 to April 12. As with all Kickstarter projects, it's all or nothing: They need to reach their goal of $12k by the deadline or they won't receive any of the money pledged.

Lever Gear has designed the first prototype and paid for production tooling, but needs funding to be able to place a large order to bring down material and production costs.

About Lever Gear

In January of 2015, product designer, Mike Scully, launched Lever Gear with his wife, April, to bring the Toolcard™ to life and develop a brand of premium everyday carry gear. Mike runs the design, engineering and creative direction of the company while April runs the media and marketing.

Mike spent 15 years in San Francisco helping companies develop products ranging from professional video editing equipment to kayaks. Just prior to designing the Toolcard™, Mike led the industrial design and mechanical engineering teams for a startup solar power inversion company. The product, a solar micro-inverter system, was awarded the prestigious innovation in photovoltaics award at the 30th Photovoltaics Solar Energy Symposium in Bad Staffelstein, Germany. After developing a product involving high voltage power electronics rated for outdoor use for 20 years, complex assemblies with hundreds of parts, and countless regulations from governments and safety agencies, Mike is thrilled to be developing a product with just two sheet metal parts.

April has worked in the field of education for over fifteen years, most recently as Chief Operating Officer at a non-profit that teaches kids about entrepreneurship. As COO she was responsible for overseeing the program division of their national operations, including organizational strategy, curriculum development, production and distribution, marketing and branding, and international partnerships.

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