Airwheel Standing Up foldable razor Electric Scooter Z5: All You Need to Know

Electric standing scooters are now widely seen on the streets. Airwheel Z3, with original up-equipped battery design has obtained recognition in the market. Airwheel Technology then follows the trend and launched a second generation of standing up electric scooter Z5 to better solve the world’s most challenging issue, how to get to work efficiently.

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Airwheel Z5 is explicitly targeted at daily commuting people, like office workers. For such a group of people, portability should be a dire need. A vehicle featuring smaller size and lighter weight can pass through the throng easily and flexibly. Efficiency matters most for office workers. The electric scooter also possesses a multiple folding system. When fully folded, it occupies very little space. Users can lift it to elevators or offices effortlessly. Z5 is powered by electricity, emitting no pollutants to the environment. It inherits the modular battery design and the battery is replaceable. When User has a backup battery, Z5 can achieve longer distance of running. The battery has as large capacity of 162.8 wh. The battery is ingeniously integrated with a USB port and can charge electronic devices in times of need.

Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooter Z5 gives sufficient consideration to people’s existing habits and ensures everyone rides in the most comfortable way. The operating rod can be adjusted for different heights, from 1.5m up to 2.1m. Z5 is equipped with two foldable pedals on two sides of the standing board. Riders can lay their two feet separately on the pedals and the standing posture is in concert with body’s daily standing habit. The design has perfectly meet ergonomic practices and brings in comfort and convenience for its users. The safety issues are also fully taken into account. The braking system is very sensitive and can stop within very short distance. As with Airwheel intelligent scooters, an APP is essential to connect the vehicle to smart phones and get riders informed of the running status of the vehicle.

To sum up, Airwheel Z5 intelligent scooter, featuring portability, convenience and safety will be good choice for office workers.

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