American Heritage Properties, Inc. Offers Reliable Home Management and Maintenance Services

American Heritage Properties, Inc., one of California’s leading property management companies, provides reliable home management and maintenance services to help homeowners run their property business.

[SAN DIEGO, CA, 06/18/2014]—American Heritage Properties, Inc., a leading property management company in California, offers reliable home management and maintenance services to residential property owners. The company specializes in managing houses, townhomes, and condominium units for rent in San Diego. It performs all the tasks involved in renting properties, including locating suitable tenants, advertising homes for rent, screening and approving potential renters, maintaining the property, and collecting rent.

Excellent Home Management Services

American Heritage Properties, Inc. helps homeowners manage their rental properties, helping them focus on more important areas of their lives. The company’s locates suitable tenants, adapts different strategies to advertise and promote properties, and screens potential renters, verifying their residence and income information. It also preserves the condition of rental homes by conducting move-in inspection and neighbor watch, and coordinates maintenance and repair on the properties it manages.

The San Diego-based company notes that they use a sophisticated property management software program that provides comprehensive monthly statements. It also delivers a special account analysis report to homeowners at the end of the year for use in preparing income taxes.

Helping Tenants Find Their Ideal Homes

The property management company explains that they strive to assist tenants in finding the right home to rent within California. It provides a list of the best rental properties in the state and offers resources on its website to help tenants make informed decisions. The company has access to the most recent and convenient rental offers in San Diego, helping renters find the best deals.

Connecting Homeowners to Tenants

American Heritage Properties, Inc. aims to help homeowners find potential tenants. The company serves as a bridge that connects rental property owners to their future renters. It has built a strong reputation in the rental property industry by providing professional and reliable property management services.

About American Heritage Properties, Inc.

American Heritage Properties, Inc. is one of California’s leading property management companies. For over 30 years, the company has been providing excellent home management and maintenance services to rental property owners. The company also helps tenants find their ideal home by offering a list of the best rental houses, condominiums, and townhomes in San Diego.

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