Slip ring with power, fiber, gas hybrid transmission to meet your applications

United States - ARS have focus on high performance slip ring for over 15 years, during these year, they invested much money in development & research, now they own a set of mature design concept and strong team in slip ring industry. The spokesman said:” we have outstanding engineers and professional management, so we can provide the best products for our customer.” In these years, ARS keep trying new areas to development more new generation slip ring to meet the customer needs, robotics is one of the industry.

Slip ring is a precision electrical connector allows transfer signal and power from a stationary to a rotator structure, and it can be used a variety of industry include CNC machine, camera system, fluid equipment, medical equipment, robotics, factory automation, defense, etc. As the technology development, more and more new application come out, and the requires to slip ring became more and more higher, it means new generation slip ring is necessary for now days. ”Innovation is the key for a company, only constantly innovate in products and management, then the company can alive” Judy Zhao said, the Market Director of ARS.

   It is well-known that gas, fluid, signal and power transmission is general for factory manufacturing, especially as the factory automation development. Transfer different media in synchronize is general, so merely signal or power transmission in slip ring cannot meet the customer needs. Development a new generation slip ring that can hybrid transfer is a new trends.

For example 2 pass gas+6 pass power+6pass signal, 6 pass power+ 1 pass Ethernet, 6 pass encoder signal+4 pass power+ 1 pass air, 1 pass fiber + 6 pass power+ 2 pass gas, etc. Most slip ring manufacturers would receive many of this kind of inquiry from the customer.

   Fiber communication with high speed, high frequency, reliable features that greatly used by people, if merely fiber transmission is easy, but if we want transfer the data from unlimited rotating system will be hard, also add power and gas. As you know, if you want to transfer gas in the rotary system, must be use rotary union, if fiber + gas + power, it means you must combine slip ring with rotary union, you can also called it as pneumatic slip ring or electrical rotary union.

So how it works? Firstly, you must design a rotary union which used to transfer gas, and the shaft must with through hole, ARS also focus on rotary union for 10 years, and own advanced sealing technology. Secondly, you can design an electrical slip ring, integrate power and fiber optic in one slip ring. Plastic and glass is the material of fiber optic, and the contacts for slip ring is very special, ARS contact technology can meet the need completely. Finally, you can integrate the slip ring into the rotary union, the cable through the hole, and the installation is flexible, in general, flange install is the best choice. The protection level also can option, if IP 68, you must be design a sealing in the slip ring.

   ARS company have standard products and custom slip ring, you can contact ARS with your details, then, they will reply as soon as possible. With its commitments to quality and innovation, ARS is continually pushing the limits of technical feasibility, also committed to a fair and socially responsible business model.


ARS has been a niche player for through bore slip ring and Ethernet slip ring for over 15 years, good quality, speed to market, excellent services is the commitments of this company.

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