Display Company Launches Concealed Gun Case Product Line

Paso Robles, C.A. June 2014  --  Custom Display Designs, Inc. announced this month the official launch of their product line, Concealed Gun Cases ( Handguns and rifles are securely wall-mounted and concealed by patriotic art, personal photos, or two-way mirror, keeping visitors and children unaware of their location.The cases unlock with the use of a key, combination, or fingerprint scanner, to open and reveal, under red LED lighting, personal in-home defense weapons.

The Concealed Gun Cases come standard with wall-mounting hardware, shatter resistant acrylic panes, and keyed, nickel-plated locks to ensure safety and security. With personalized display style options, additional gun mount accessories, and lock upgrades, the Concealed Gun Cases can be designed by the consumer to fit personal taste as well as individual needs for encasing weapons.

Designer, Doug Tobey, owner and founder of Custom Display Designs, Inc. stated, “Owning a Concealed Gun Case allows easy access for home defense. This product offers a solution to those gun owners who seek to bear arms responsibly without compromising security”

Availability and Pricing

The Concealed Gun Cases are available now at Prices start at $209.

About Custom Display Designs, Inc.

Custom Display Designs, Inc. was established in 1988 in Paso Robles, CA. Since then they have specialized in designing and manufacturing hand-crafted displays and frames, distributing to retail and wholesalers nationwide. For more information about the products that built the company, visit For wholesale, visit


Leanna Lara

Public Relations Manager