Search For It Here Offers Businesses a Great Opportunity to Increase Revenues For Less

Tacoma, WA -- January 22, 2014 -- When it comes to getting a noticed, many companies list their business in an online directory. But what is an online Business Directory and what can it do for you?

An online or Local Business Directory is a website that lists the names, descriptions and contact information for various businesses by category. The format is much like looking through the yellow pages in the back of traditional phone books. The level of detail offered by a particular directory will vary significantly from another in that the data contained within the directory has been aggregated in several different ways.

Quality can also be an issue when looking through a business directory. On one end of the spectrum are very exclusive, professionally aggregated and vetted directories. These directories usually charge a fee for each listing and pride themselves on offering the best listings on the Internet. On the other end, various free directories provide little to no value for users or businesses and generally contain outdated or inaccurate data. These days, a free, poor quality directory can do more harm than good!

So why would you want to have your business listed in a directory if you will have to pay for the listing in order to ensure it's accuracy? In one simple word: exposure.

Search For It Here offers businesses a unique opportunity to get listed in a well organized and highly effective online business directory for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

"We do not charge extra by region, city, company regardless size or location, one great price for everyone the way it should be. boasts endless amounts of new features for our customers and suppliers," says Paul Festian, owner and founder of Search For It Here. "We also offer you several industry firsts. First, we care about whether or not you are making money. If your business is doing well, then our business is doing well. Second, we offer your business something that is really good for your business: increased traffic at an affordable price. The next 3500 customers to order with our Diamond or Silver Plan will have their price locked in for life. Silver gets 2 categories, Diamond gets 3. We believe that this gives your business even more value for your investment. Another great, and rare feature is that we give all users their own username and password, which allows you to control their information as needed. And lastly, we will post blog articles written by you in an effort to promote your business. All of our plans are priced under $20 per month, which makes it one of the most cost effective ways to generate more traffic to your business and website."

If you could use some valuable backlinks as well as the opportunity to grow your business organically, consider listing your business with Search For It Here. Search For it Here is a premium online business directory that can help you grow your business. For more information, please visit