Vision Innovator Introduces Road & Trail Rx and WX Blue Lens Technology,  Providing Wearers With Absolute Premium Protection at Work and On the Road


Leading eyewear innovator Wiley X®, Inc. has introduced two new prescription lens advancements developed to provide the clearest possible vision and enhance eye comfort and health in everyday, real-life situations.

The first of these two innovations from Wiley X is new Road & Trail Rx Lens technology — a fully compensated progressive lens designed specifically for driving and riding.  Created to be “The Ultimate Driving Lens,” WX Road & Trail has been developed with features and characteristics that ensure clear and undistracted vision when operating an automobile or motorcycle. These exclusive Rx lenses provide a wide clear area of vision at distance, allowing drivers and riders a sharp picture of the road and surrounding conditions ahead.  At the same time, this unique Rx lens design provides clearer vision in every gaze direction, enhancing situational awareness and visual acquisition of objects and hazards to either side.  

A wide visual corridor and seamless progressions enhance eye comfort during long hours on the road, giving drivers a clear view of close-in LCD navigation screens, as well as the road surface, whether viewed through a windshield or motorcycle fairing. Specialized power distribution in these lenses minimizes the need for head movements while driving, increasing not only road awareness but also comfort over the long haul. 

Each Road & Trail Rx Lens is carefully calculated using the unique parameters of face and extreme frame wrap, reducing aberrations induced by tilt and curve.  Unwanted astigmatism is minimized to improve dynamic vision in real-world driving situations.  This combination of characteristics provides drivers with clearer vision in every direction they look, resulting in enhanced operator safety and a more enjoyable, comfortable motoring experience. 

Wiley X has also unveiled WX Blue Rx, a new blue-light filtering Anti-Reflective (AR) lens technology that reduces harmful high-energy blue light (blue violet and UV) while allowing more of the beneficial turquoise blue light to pass through the lens for increased clarity and visual acuity. This new lens coating also virtually eliminates back-surface UV reflections, for clearer, undistracted vision on the job and off.

Blue light can negatively affect visual performance and eye heath in a variety of ways.  Blue light tends to scatter easily, causing blurred vision and decreased color perception/contrast.  Extended exposure to blue light may cause eyestrain, visual discomfort and even sleeplessness. These negative effects of blue light can be magnified on the job, where close attention to tasks is required over extended periods of time. This is particularly true for workers who spend time in front of computer monitors and other digital electronics.  In fact, Computer Vision Syndrome is a recognized condition leading to serious eye fatigue, vision damage and other health issues.  WX Blue addresses this by selectively filtering which blue light reaches the eyes based on wavelength.

These unique properties make Wiley X glasses with WX Blue prescription lenses ideal for wear in today’s high-tech workplace, ensuring both clear vision and healthy, comfortable eyes.  In addition to their blue light filtering qualities, these lenses provide premium scratch resistance for long-term performance.  WX Blue lenses also offer superior oleophobic and anti-static properties to repel dust, smudges and water for clear vision in real-world work environments.

To learn more about new Road & Trail Rx and WX Blue Rx lens technologies and their applications for eye care professionals, visit or contact Wiley X at 7800 Patterson Pass Road, Livermore, CA 94550 · Telephone: (800) 776-7842. 

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