Action-packed drama, "From Paris to Rome" playing June 18th

An unexpected twist derails the plans of an upcoming superstar dancer forcing his older brother to intervene

Los Angeles, CA - April 12, 2016 -- Produced by Aaron Thompson and Jordan Cann, "From Paris to Rome" is an eventful drama that follows Rome, a hustler on his journey to become a superstar dancer but, his plans are quickly derailed when he lands in trouble with a notorious drug dealer leaving his older brother Paris to save him.

Starring Aaron Thompson, Jordan Cann, Preston Douglass, Deanna Pak, Shana Peterson, Andrew Jukes, and Miguel YaƱez - the talented cast unfolds a thrilling sequence of events in the fast-paced city streets of Los Angeles. You can check out the official movie trailer online at

It will premiere at Downtown Independent theater Los Angeles on Saturday, June 18th. For more information visit the official Facebook page: 

About From Paris to Rome

Rome is a hustler with a dream to dance on a mega tour until one day his heart falls for the wrong girl. Her on and off boyfriend, Big T kidnaps Rome and places a ransom for his life. Now Rome's older brother, Paris a college student, athlete, and former dancer must go back to his roots of battle dancing with the help of his friend's in attempt to raise the money to save Rome before it's too late.