Automatic Hand Washing Becomes More Important

There are many applications where hand washing becomes one of the most important tasks of the day. In places where people are in contact with contaminants which can then cross contaminate by hand contact then the more this can be removed the better. This is particularly important in hospitals and food preparation areas but there are a multitude of different areas which are equally important. It is sensible to put up health and safety notices insisting on washing hands after touching or handling a problem but it is much better if the way of washing requires no hand operation at all. To solve this problem the individual touch free vortex LED taps are certainly a good option.

This unit is a single piece of equipment which is mounted over the sink and supplies a good supply of Pull Out Kitchen Taps given on demand by passing the hands in front of a small automatic detection unit. This immediately turns the water on and the hands can be duly washed without recourse to turning on taps. The temperature of the water is preset and can be changed by a control knob on the unit. This temperature control should not be touched when the hands are contaminated and this should not be necessary as the unit will be set up correctly when installed and will only be tweaked on the temperature at a later date. The hands are detected by an infrared detector which turns a solenoid on and off. There is a preset time schedule so that the flow of water is automatically cut off after a set time, this is usually around 20 to 25 seconds.

This system is to reduce water wastage to almost zero. There are no standing losses in the operation as the power application is an on demand system and the temperature is fully stabilised instantly by the control system. Power is only used on demand so wastage losses on the short usage time are small or nonexistent. The usage of automatic systems is likely to become far more in demand as they can have an application almost anywhere. One example is the standard home where food is handled and the refrigerator door, the dishwasher and the freezer are also handled and each handle becomes cross contaminated. Certainly there must always be a system of continuous disinfecting and cleaning these Antique Basin Taps but there are always times when things get missed.

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