The Sale Of Faster Eft Is Expanded Till The Midnight Of May 10, 2014


Robert G. Smith is the founder of Faster EFT.  He has introduced the FasterEFT ultimate training course. This ultimate EFT tapping program is on sale, and the founder has extended the sale, till the midnight of May 10th, according to the EST timing.

This course is specially designed on Emotionally Focused Transformations. The EFT training course is offered with 96 incredible DVDs, which would offer a power training of more than 100 hours. Added to that, this is added with instructions, books, insight EFT style tapping and many more. Candidates can obtain their proficiency and become successful EFT practitioners by completing the training certification. Robert has added more than 800 free videos on his YouTube channel, to facilitate the viewers, in a better way.

The FasterEFT Ultimate Training Course is crafted as per the needs of the practitioners. This certification course is offered with different levels like, levels 1 11 111. Besides that, during the span of special sale, candidates would be able to avail this course with a huge price cut of $500. The course is introduced with regular as well as payment plan deals, for the best advantages of the candidates. The actual price of the program was $1799. However, during the special sale, this course is offered at only $1299. This best value deal is offered to the customers, with free shipping facility.

This is a comprehensive program that is aimed to bring positive changes to the lives of commoners. This is a complete home based package, using which, the customer do not need to go outside. This program does not even include any seminar session. Users do not need to travel anywhere, while taking the benefit of the course.

This specialized program has created a great impact on the loves of people. Sarah Jones, a beneficiary of the program states, “I just had to share my excitement and gratitude for FasterEFT. Transitioning from EFT is like night and day. In one session I saw a Veteran Marine clear the nightmares, flashbacks and fears associated with her being raped by a fellow Marine five years ago. In a single session I witnessed a client’s low self esteem skyrocket as his guilt and self doubt held for decades dissipated. Within ten minutes a client was able to let go of all the crippling emotions associated with his wife cheating on him and begin talking about moving forward in his life. Onward to Level II Certification Track B! It feels so good to be of such great service.”

Robert G. Smith introduces a specialized course on Faster EFT. This program is offered with special discount.  For more details please visit

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