Snow depths reach record figures in Grandvalira for the 2014 European Cup for men's and women's alpine skiing

Grandvalira is looking forward to another snow packed weekend. The abundant snow falls of over 60 centimeters of fresh snow in the last few days, in addition to the snow accumulated since the start of the season, enables us to provide depths of up to 2.5 meters in several areas of the resort.  

In particular, so far this season and until yesterday Monday the 3 March 2014, there has been 573 centimeters of snow precipitation in Grandvalira. The figure was 532 cm at the end of February, only 54 less than the 2012-2013 season, which reached 586 cm.  Therefore the data for this year is very close to that recorded last season, given that the total precipitation reached 842 centimeters between the end of November 2012 and the end of April 2013.

If we analyze even further, the greatest depth of snow fell before the resort was opened, given that the station received 237 cm during the second half of November. Although not as heavily, it continued to snow in December (74 cm), January (140 cm) and February (81 cm), increasing the quality and quantity of accumulated snow while weather conditions have enabled skiers to enjoy the resort.

After the snow falls of the last few days, the forecast for this weekend the 8-9 March predicts good weather and clear sunny skies. Temperatures will be low but moderate. Overall, the natural snow thicknesses at the resort range from 140 to 250 centimeters and therefore no artificial snow needed.

As well as enjoying 240 skiable kilometers and 118 slopes, users of Grandvalira can avail of adventure activities, hotels and ski pass, restaurants, ski schools, snowparks and other resort services which will be in full operation.

A large dose of sports

Grandvalira is making preparations to hold the finals of the 2014 European Cup for men's and women's alpine skiing, one of the greatest skiing events in the history of Andorra.  The competition will take place from the 11 to 16 March, involving over 230 skiers from 19 countries participating in four large categories: slalom, giant slalom, super giant and downhill.  The Avet slope (Soldeu) and the renewed Àliga slope (El Tarter) will be the setting for the fight for the European title.

While waiting for this important competition to begin, the most athletic visitors can take part in other events at Grandvalira, such as the Freestyle Salt & Pepper Camp.

This freesking and snowboard course is held on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th March. In the mornings, the El Tarter Snowpark will hold an outdoor session for participants and afternoon events will be held in the indoor facilities of the  360º Extrem d’Andorra la Vella. The camp costs €142 including video correction, as well as gifts and surprises.