Southern California Real Estate Investor Darrell Holguin Empowers Buyers And Sellers On All Socio-Economic Levels

A Former Caltrans Executive, Holguin’s Success With Rehabbing, Flipping And Selling Homes Has Landed Him on Major Networks and The TLC Show “Flip That House”

            Whittier, CA – March 13, 2015 - Growing up in the Southern California city of Whittier, Darrell Holguin was a natural born “people person” whose family taught him the great value of guiding and helping others and giving back to the community through volunteer work.

Though he played in semi-pro golf tournaments for a while and flirted with the idea of a career in law enforcement, his innate ability to connect with people led him to a successful six year stint working in PR for Cal Trans, the state agency responsible for highway, bridge and rail transportation planning, construction and maintenance. He was later part of the Business Development Team for IBEW/NECA, an organization that represents Electricians and the Electrical Contractors Union, dealing with state and government agencies for union contracts.

            The discipline, scheduling structure and management responsibilities he learned while serving in these capacities paved the way for an unexpected turn of events that have led him to become a successful, multi-faceted real estate investor, helping people of all socio economic levels sell their homes quickly for cash and opening the doors for others to circumvent traditional real estate red tape, overcome obstacles and become proud homeowners.

As a fully independent resource not associated with any real estate agency, Darrell ensures that his clients receive a fair price for their houses, and often can sell their homes quickly, within days. Buying houses for cash ensures a much quicker process for sellers than going through conventional bank financing and escrows that can drag out and potentially fall through.

In essence, Holguin & Associates, LLC are Real Estate professionals who specialize in creating win-win situations for both buyers and sellers.  “We have access to private funds,” Darrell says, “which allows us to buy houses without going through the lengthy loan approval process. We can even buy your house with no equity and you will Get Cash For Your House!”

With his website serving as the foundation for his increasingly diversified business, Darrell works on both sides of the market - engaging in his expertise for purchasing homes for cash and rehabbing and reselling them while also listing “ready to go” high end homes for people seeking top dollar for their properties.

Drawing on his extensive experience throughout the market ups and downs since entering the industry in 2003, he facilitates individual deals via a vast database of buyers and sellers throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Because he is all about helping people achieve their goals and dreams, he works in a wide variety of neighborhoods, from those with multi-million dollar properties to middle class homes in South Central L.A. Darrell has always appreciated the opportunity to turn a house that’s in various stages of disrepair and turn it into something beautiful – often with the goal of helping first time home buyers achieve their dream.

The West Covina resident has received many awards for revitalizing communities via home restoration and remodeling in many cities in the region, and his strong relationship with the Mayor’s office in Los Angeles earned him a business and mixed use property consultancy with the city.

Darrell has been invited to speak to many Real Estate clubs throughout So Cal, sharing his story of breaking into the industry and his expertise on current market trends. He has been featured in Forbes magazine and on CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC and all major television networks as the quintessential local RE professional. In 2005, he appeared on the Flip That House, a show created by the Discovery Home Channel and also broadcast on TLC.

More recently, Darrell was featured as an expert guest on the TV show “The New Masters of Real Estate with Ron LeGrand.” A noted real estate investment expert, mentor and coach, LeGrand hosts the show that was featured on NBC and other major network affiliates throughout the country.

 “The main thing I enjoy about working as an independent real estate investor is solving people’s problems – and if I’m not able to, knowing I have the resources and contacts to share with them if I am not able to guide them myself,” he says. 

For more information you can contact Darrell Holguin via phone at 562-843-3939 or through his website: