Brent Whitfield’s Passion, Vision And Commitment Drives The Core Values And Success Of DCG Technical Solutions

The Growth Of IT Led The Former Commercial Photographer To Develop His Computer Company Into A Multi-Faceted Firm With An Innovative Approach to IT Support

            Los Angeles, CA – September 2, 2015 - If it seems that Brent Whitfield’s got a great eye for spotting innovative approaches to all facets of the IT industry, there’s great precedent for that. The Founder and CEO of the Los Angeles, California based DCG Technical Solutions – one of Southern California’s premiere IT support and consulting firms – is a successful former commercial photographer whose Los Angeles based studio specialized in large format product and food photography.

            While working huge advertising, promotional and collateral material accounts for companies like Neutrogena, Carnation, Libby’s, Princess Cruise Lines and Robinson-May department store, his lifelong, outsized passion for computers and technology led him to help develop and deploy studio management software, aimed at helping photographers and other creative people computerize their businesses.

            With his first son, Arland, on the way, Whitfield made a powerful, entrepreneurial move into the world of computers full time, launching Dependable Computer Guys to address the growing market for reliable expertise in the L.A. area. This was the era of computer megastore chains – many of which notoriously offered substandard help with their products – and he found a niche working with small businesses of 10-150 employees.

Since this was the mid-90s, his focus was on computers, not networks, and while he became Novell certified in the industry within a year, DCG primarily sold hardware and software and set up and fixed them when they broke. Within a year, his wife Elizabeth joined as full partner. By 2003, he was “no hardware, 100% services,” and, with the increased speed of the Internet and growing need for IT services, the company by 2006-2007 was dedicated 100% to providing IT support to small business.

As the Whitfields’ turned away from the PC and towards the Internet and networks, the corporate name changed to DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. The company has since become a top provider of outsourced IT help for small to mid-size companies out of their greater Los Angeles location. DCG provides PrivateCLOUD, Internet server and application hosting out of their Los Angeles data center. 

In April 2015, DCG was listed by MSPmentor as one of the 10 fastest growing managed service providers for 2014. DCGLA landed the number three spot in MSPmentor’s annual “Best Of” list. DCG also placed on MSPmentor’s annual global ranking of the world’s top 501 managed service providers of 2014. MSPmentor is a guide to managed services and a global destination for MSPs.

DCG’s ongoing purpose drives everything the company does as it serves a multitude of clients in various “verticals” (industries) throughout Southern California and beyond. It states: “DCG exists to contribute to the success of our clients’ small businesses by helping them Monitor, Manage & Optimize their mission critical information technologies.”

            According to Whitfield, however, the true foundation of DCG’s success is their core values. These are: 1) “We do it now!” 2) Service to the clients above all else; 3) No Cynicism; and 4) Hard Work and Continuous Improvement.

DCG is driven by five branded and trademarked products that form the backbone of their services: DCG Maintenance Care™, for weekly maintenance visits; St. Bernard Monitoring™, for remote network device monitoring, patching and optimization; Dependable SafeSTOR™, for premise and Internet based backups; DCG PrivateCLOUD™ for web, mail and application hosting; and BlaskGUARD™, an Internet security and content filtering.

            A unique aspect of DCG’s website is its page about Opportunity – inviting prospective team members to be “a trusted advisor to our clients.” For those looking for a position early in their career, DCG may be the place to discover skills and leadership qualities. The page offers the chance to work with cutting edge technologies and with an elite team of engineers and client service analysts that are committed to helping new hires reach their full potential.

            “Our clients know that technologies evolve and change, but having a trustworthy partner to respond quickly and make sense of it all is critical to the success of their operation,” says Whitfield. “We love to figure out what they’re going to need in three years and give it to them. That’s really the ‘secret sauce’ that drives our longevity.”


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