OPM Security Corporation Launches PAYOPM E-Wallet and Marketplace

PAYOPM Marketplace is an online payment service and trust developed by OPM SECURITY CORPORATION that allows you to make and receive payments through different methods that go from bank transfers to payments made with credit cards and transfers made by settlements.

This makes PAYOPM Marketplace leaders in the online secure payment market

Aside from offering various payment systems, we are able to decrease online fraud, for which our services are very useful for both sellers and buyers. We act as a third party in negotiations and our mission is to receive, maintain and then, once the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller have been completed, to deliver the funds. Included among the types of payment used most by our clients appear general goods, web services, domain names, websites, intellectual property, although we are also open to acting as a trustworthy third party in any other type of online legal negotiation.


In addition, we offer sellers the possibility of offering products and services through the website with the method of secure payment.

Fraud is one of the greatest worries of online sellers and buyers of products and services. The stories of embezzlement and unfulfilled contracts have greatly elevated the level of mistrust of Internet transactions.


The buyer makes a payment directly to our company through the different methods that we count on (from PayPal up to bank transfers or Western Union and Money Gram). When the client finally receives the product or begins to use, without problems, the service and declares himself satisfied, we immediately free the funds that will end up in the seller’s account. This way, we guarantee that online fraud is not committed.



PAYOPM MArketplace
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Republic of Panama

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