Adya Clarity was Scientifically Proven to Reduce Common Toxic Heavy Metals in Water and the Body

There are growing concerns about the presence of heavy metals in drinking water. It is a major cause of heavy metal poisoning that leads to long term, irreversible damage to health. Water Liberty introduces Adya Clarity, a liquid water purifier that was scientifically proven to reduce lead, arsenic and mercury in water as well as the body.

Lead, mercury and arsenic contaminate the water supply through erosion of metal water pipes, discharge from factories, runoff from landfills, and corrosion of natural deposits. Heavy metal poisoning is linked to numerous problems including damage to central nervous system, liver and kidney problems, skin discoloration and lower energy levels. Countless studies have concluded the toxicity of these metals. Yet, these tasteless, odourless and hard to detect contaminants often enter the water supplies unexpectedly.

Adya Clarity is a scientifically proven solution to remove these metals from water up to 99%. Furthermore, it adds “good” minerals to any type of drinking water. By increasing the essential mineral and electrolyte content, it makes water clean, refreshing and healthy.

Adya Clarity not only removes harmful metals in water. Independent clinical testing has also shown that Adya Clarity, when added to drinking water, reduces lead, mercury, arsenic and aluminum accumulated in the body. Prior to test, the subjects had dangerous amount of heavy metals.

After consuming the recommended amount of water purified with Adya Clarity for 30days, the amount of lead, mercury, arsenic and aluminum reduces by average of 40%

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About Water Liberty:

Water Liberty is the largest online reseller of Adya Clarity - a superior water purifier made from a naturally occurring mineral, named black mica (also known as biotite). Adya Clarity is proven to remove common chemical, biological and pharmaceutical contaminants in water - while adding essential minerals and electrolytes back to drinking water. Adya Clarity is a registered natural health product licensed by Health Canada.

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