Global High Performance Computing Market Analysis 2018 adds report High Performance Computing Market [Server, Storage, Networking, Software (Middleware, Cluster & Fabric Management, Performance Optimization), Professional Services, Deployment Models, Price Bands] - Global Market Forecasts & Analysis (2013 - 2018) to its store. High-Performance Computing (HPC) delivers high performance by aggregation of several computing nodes coupled together to solve large complex problems in science, engineering, and businesses. Typically, HPC machine comprises of several components such as processors, memory disk, operating system, and various software to boost the performance of the entire machine. The performance of these computing clusters is dependent upon the number of cores which enhances the overall processing capability. Presently in the HPC market, the vast sums of money have been invested in supercomputers which are being used for specialized complex problems and require extensive expertise to use. The increasing supercomputers market is complimenting the HPC market growth. New technological innovations from the companies are also adding up to the increasing supercomputers capabilities.

Currently available HPC solutions are helping most of the government organizations and large enterprises. The government organizations and enterprises are using these systems for solving complex computational problems. Along with the government, academic institutions are also using these systems, for innovating new technologies and developing new products.

The major challenge which is being faced by the companies is to overcome the problems of energy efficiency and high latency. However, most of the companies are trying to innovate new technologies to seek for the best possible solution for their HPC clusters. One of the other main challenges in this industry is the rising cost of compute resources, the typical cost of supercomputers can vary from $500,000 and more, thus it becomes difficult for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to adopt this technology.

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The report on HPC analyzes the overall market, by types of components and professional services, deployment types, and price bands. The report also focuses on end-users and the regions of North America (NA), Europe (EU), Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa (MEA), and Latin America (LA).

List Of Tables

Table 1 High Performance Computing Market Size and Forecast, 2013-2018 ($Billion)
Table 2 High Performance Computing Market Size, By Components and Professional Services, 2013-2018 ($Billion)
Table 3 High Performance Computing Market Size, By Components, 2013-2018, ($Billion)
Table 4 HPC: Servers Market Size, By Regions, 2013-2018 ($Million)
Table 5 HPC: Storage Market Size, By Regions, 2013-2018 ($Million)
Table 6 HPC: Networking Devices Market Size, By Regions, 2013-2018 ($Million)
Table 7 HPC: Software Market Size, By Types, 2013-2018 ($Million)
Table 8 HPC: Software Market Size, By Regions, 2013-2018 ($Million)
Table 9 Middleware Market Size, By Regions, 2013-2018 ($Million)
Table 10 Programming Tools Market Size, By Regions, 2013-2018 ($Million)
Table 11 Performance Optimization Tools Market Size, By Regions, 2013-2018 ($Million)
Table 12 Cluster Management Market Size, By Regions, 2013-2018 ($Million)
Table 13 Fabric Management Market Size, By Regions, 2013-2018 ($Million)
Table 14 HPC: Professional Services Market Size,By Types, 2013-2018 ($Million)
Table 15 HPC: Professional Services Market, 2013-2018 (Y-O-Y %) And More.

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List Of Figures

Figure 1 High Performance Computing: Research Methodology
Figure 2 High Performance Computing: Data Triangulation
Figure 3 High Performance Computing Market, 2013-2018 ($Billion, Y-O-Y %)
Figure 4 High Performance Computing: Market Evolution
Figure 5 High Performance Computing: Market Segmentation
Figure 6 High Performance Computing: Time Impact Analysis of Dros
Figure 7 High Perfoprmance Computing: Value Chain
Figure 8 High Performance Computing Market, By Components, 2013-2018 (Y-O-Y %)
Figure 9 Professional Services Market, 2013-2018 (Y-O-Y %)
Figure 10 High Performance Computing Market, By Deployment, 2013-2018 (Y-O-Y %)
Figure 11 High Performance Computing Server Market, By Price Bands, 2013-2018 (Y-O-Y %)
Figure 12 Parfait Chart
Figure 13 High Performance Computing Market, By Regions, 2013-2018 (Y-O-Y %)
Figure 14 High Performance Computing: Opportunity Plot
Figure 15 Increase in The Number of Supercomputers, By Regions, 2013-2018 And More.

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