Internet Of People: Technology 2015-2025 Deep Market Research Report

Internet Of People: Technology 2015-2025

The new term Internet of People (IoP) encompasses internet-enabled personal electronics. It is rapidly spreading into the fabric of society giving a burst of new growth to add to the easing growth of mobile phones, tablets and other conventional personal electronics and associated networks and services. Many internet-enabled peripherals and alternatives are arriving that are worn, embedded in textiles and in products. This is thanks to new materials and ways of making electronics and more suitable human interfaces. As yet, little is written about IoP as a big picture, though reviews of such things as Google Glass and smart watches and speculation about new products abounds on the web. This report provides what is missing - forecasts for the big picture down to the materials and technologies involved that will cause disruptive change such as invisible, stretchable, woven and disposable electronics. 

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Samsung, Apple, Google, Adidas, Reebock, Nike, Microsoft, SAP and Roche are among the many giant companies clashing horns on this so called "new mobile phone" ie potentially huge market. Even software companies are saying, "hardware is the new software". The $5 billion wearable technology market is now entering a rapid growth phase. Consider lead indicators such as relevant Google Trends, relevant patent filings over the years, incidence of diabetes (treatment being a major sector of wearable technology already), cost reduction of the key enabling technologies, increase in functionality that is becoming possible and interest in fitness monitors another early success story. All show that very rapid growth is in prospect.   

This report covers the technologies that will be required to drive the market forward, from tightly rollable display technology, phone sensor fusion and printed electronics to indoor positioning systems (IPS), near field communication (NFC) and real-time locating systems (RTLS). It discusses the most viable markets and megatrends, provides forecasts and timelines to 2025, and includes expert opinions and direct company interviews.

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Table of Content


1.1. IoP in context 

1.1.1. Definitions 

1.1.2. Why now? 

1.1.3. Forecasts and timelines 

1.2. Drivers and investment 

1.2.1. Megatrend drivers 

1.2.2. Investment 

1.3. Future IoP device technologies 

1.3.1. Breakneck speed 

1.3.2. Needs driven by new behaviour and demographics 

1.4. Future needs 

1.5. Technology required 

1.6. Hardware is key for future mobile phones 

1.7. Key future system technologies 

1.7.1. Sensor fusion

1.7.2. Indoor Positioning Systems IPS 

1.7.3. Near Field Communication NFC 

1.8. Future device technologies 

1.8.1. Electrical power, multiple energy harvesting 

1.9. Impediments to progress 

1.10. The dark side - privacy, security, injury 


2.1. The internet, cloud, fog 

2.1.1. Cloud and Fog computing 

2.2. Internet of People 

2.3. Dreams and realities for mobile phones, etc 

2.4. Mobile phone improvements - responses from general survey 

2.5. Expert opinions 

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3.1. Human senses that can interact with a device or be a feature 

3.1.1. What is wanted? 

3.2. Flexible phones: ruggedness and more 

3.3. Roll out screen, photovoltaics, keyboard 

3.4. Wearable electronics 

3.4.1. Wearable electronic devices 

3.4.2. Derivative technology 

3.4.3. Advantages of wearable electronics 

3.4.4. Two basic types of wearable electronics 

3.4.5. Considerable evidence of rapid adoption to come 

3.4.6. Rapid increase in investment 

3.4.7. Projections 

3.5. Healthcare

3.5.1. Food poisoning 

3.5.2. Diagnostics and more 

3.6. Sound 

3.6.1. Sound fidelity and localisation 

3.6.2. Throat tattoo and lie detector 


4.1. Summary of technologies 

4.2. Flexible transparent conducting film 

4.3. Technology Assessment 

4.4. Market Assessment 

4.5. Players 

4.6. Market for flexible and conformal electronics 

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