Upward Motion Personal Training Offers Personal Training for Injury Rehabilitation

Upward Motion Personal Training offers its personal training services for injury rehabilitation. It is a fact that back or joint pain can really diminish the quality of life. Simple things like going for a hike, working in the garden or playing with kids or grandkids is not possible if a person has an injury that keeps them from moving around naturally and with ease.

Moving around without pain when you have an injury or you're recovering from a surgery is very important. Often times after surgery medical insurance will prescribe a certain number of visits with a physical therapist and once those run out a person has to do physical therapy alone. However, by hiring a personal trainer from Upward Motion Personal Training workouts with assistant and a guiding hand do not have to end. Upward Motion Personal Training works with people needing injury rehabilitation to assist the transition from having the benefit of a physical therapist to doing rehabilitation workouts solo. Upward Motion Personal Training offers personal training services for people recovering from injury or surgery.

At Upward Motion Personal Training the company understands that the whole body needs to functionally work together in order for proper fitness to occur. This is why the first step begins with an integrated and comprehensive structural assessment to help identify the pieces of the body that are weak. It does this by conducting a gait analysis, overhead squat analysis, flexibility, and strength test to figure out a person's individual structural weaknesses.

Once these weaknesses are identified, an individual exercise and treatment program can be developed to facilitate both functional and aesthetic changes in the body so that each person can discover what it means to be truly strong and healthy.

About Upward Motion Personal Training:    
Upward Motion Personal Training is a personal trainer studio offering customized personal training workout programs, small group training classes, Shockwave Group Training Classes and Indo-Row Group Training Classes. The company’s workout studio is located at 336 Adams St SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87108

Upward Motion Personal Training
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