Lifestyle Safety Tub Offers Exclusive Safety Tubs, Not Just For the Elderly

Lifestyle Safety Tub Industries, leading manufacturers of safety and walk-in tubs now offer safety walk-ins that are designed for different varieties of customers. Their walk-ins and safety tubs are designed for elderly, kids, adults, disabled and individuals with mobility issues. For luxury bathing options, the company provides hydrotherapy bathtubs and a range of distinct features to deal with varied customer requirements. Available in Euro, Elite, Envy and Elan designs, these bathtubs also come with easy drain release systems and lock sealing systems. The base price of the product is as low as $1,699.99.

The spokesperson explained how safety bathtubs can benefit elderly, adults or families and said, “250,000 Americans over the age of 60 fall in and around ordinary bathtub areas. Hence safety bathtubs are designed to provide them easier access to bathing area. And this walk-in facility not just benefits elderly- it is also an advantage for other users as. For instance, safety walk-ins can be used by people with a wheelchair, providing them luxury bathing experience. Kids can also access these bathtubs because they come with uplifted seating area. Lifestyle safety tubs have been designed to include several facilities, such as hydrotherapy jet streams as well, ensuring that they provide more functionality and customized features than a traditional or ordinary bathtub. With facilities like removable access panels and fall faucet design, customers can customize them for their special requirements.”

Apart from designing safety walk-ins for elderly, the company also designs bathtubs for assisted living, individuals with disabilities and immobility. also offers a range of bathtubs for luxury hydrotherapy facilities, which include line heaters, fully functional, rotational jets along with other features such as deck mounted shower heads and chrome fixtures. Established in 1997, the organization provides five year warranty on its lock sealing system, sub steel frame and doors.

The spokesperson added, “We have four different varieties for customer requirements and budgets. Euro line includes base models, which can be customized for size and color, includes removable access panels and adjustable door handles. Elan is for therapeutic uses, designed for massage therapy and comes with heat blowers. Envy and Elite are high end range, with former including line heater, fully rotational jets and water air jet mixture focusing on lower back and body. Elite on the other hand include LED Lights, heater blowers and 16 air massage jets.”

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About Lifestyle Industries

A family business, Lifestyle Industries was established in 1997 and deals with safety, walk-in tubs. The products are built in the USA and have sitting options with easy drainage, making them more accessible, safe and luxurious. The tubs are available in four different varieties, including Envy, Elite, Euro and Elan.

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