Aureus Medical shares how travel nursing staffing agencies can help you secure a full-time job

Omaha, NE (February 4, 2016) - Healthcare professionals at any stage of their careers in nursing are likely driven by the prospect of helping others. While many may turn to medical staffing agencies to find travel nurse jobs, these companies can also help an RN land full-time positions with hospitals for the long term.

To be sure, there is a current shortage of nurses, and that gap is only expected to widen as baby boomers reach retirement and require more senior healthcare, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. While this means it's a great time for nurses to be on the job hunt, searching for healthcare careers is an involved process, especially if the nurse is currently working or doesn't already have a direct connection to a specific opportunity.

As a result, many nurses work with healthcare staffing companies to help them with the process of finding jobs in their field. This method is proving to be a successful employment strategy among nurses because it saves nurses time and helps zero in on the jobs available with the many hospitals across the country that best match their skills and other important specifics. Reputable staffing companies also do not charge candidates for their services – another big plus.

What is a direct-hire job search?
You may hear the term "direct hire" used when you're working with a healthcare staffing agency or interviewing with a hospital for a position. This is essentially employment with a facility in a full-time capacity versus being employed by the staffing agency as a travel nurse. When searching for an agency, it's important to ask whether or not they are able to offer search services for direct-hire (full-time) opportunities or if they solely focus on travel nursing. A company that offers both will give you flexibility and open you up to more options.

How a healthcare staffing agency can help a nurse find a full-time job
Using a healthcare staffing agency is ideal for nurses at any level, whether they are new graduates, re-entering the job market after some time off or are currently working in travel nurse jobs. Because recruiters with staffing agencies specialize in conducting job searches, they give healthcare professionals a leg up on the competition and save a lot of time. They know where the jobs are and have the necessary connections with hospitals to help a nurse get in the door. Recruiters also take on all of the legwork, including research, resume submission, follow up, scheduling interviews, and more.

Recruiters work one-on-one with nurses to learn their personal preferences like workplace setting, location, and type of facilities, then will conduct a search based on this information. They also provide resume consultation and interview preparation. 

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