Bodyology International Provides A Lifetime Warranty of All Sports & Medical Equipment

Melbourne-based Bodyology International is the industry-respected leader in next generation body sculpting therapies and the premier Australian supplier of beauty, sports and medical equipment for non-invasive aesthetic and weight-loss treatments to beauty salons, health clubs, gyms and day spas throughout the world.

Bodyology International has complete trust in the technical excellence of their products and they back up that trust with a lifetime warranty on parts and a three year warranty on labor for all pro/ultra and super pro series of machines. Bodyology further warrants that each machine will be in good working order for the lifecycle of the machine.  Each machine is developed under strict medical grade specifications to ensure optimal, reliable results for your clients and subjected to extensive product and quality testing to ensure safety, performance and effectiveness.


The new micro current series professional facial and body sculpting systems offered by Bodyology feature the next generation of exceptional results-driven treatments that deliver immediate visible and corrective results without the need for surgery or invasive procedures.  The micro current system provides a safe alternative to clients that want to improve their appearance. Treatments are pain free without swelling or recuperation time.  Microcurrent machines utilize unique technologies and specific frequency signatures to re-energize living cells and tissue to return them to their normal state of vibration.  Bodyology International uses patented technologies that communicate with the cells of living tissues and muscle to resonate at a perfect harmonic tone enhancing the body’s normal biological processes without invasive procedures.


The Bodyology product line includes five medical grade approved microcurrent systems that handle both facial and body re-sculpting as well as a sports recovery system.  Chiropractors, sports physicians, physiotherapists, and athletes have used computerized electro stimulation therapy of muscles for years as an effective therapy for toning and strengthening muscles.


The bodyology sculpting treatment process provides additional benefits to clients apart from the loss of weight and inches. Microcurrent therapy also improves blood circulation, stimulates lymph glands and offers relief of symptoms associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lower back problems, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, low energy levels, insomnia, obesity, low sexual libido and other stress related disorders.


Bodyology sculpting machines are based on the use of constant waveform morphology technology which is delivered through an ultra pure medium that optimizes the efficiency of micro, nano and picocurents.  This C.W.M. technology is the platform of Bodyology International’s technology and the technology that sets the company apart from its competitors.


Bodyology sculpting systems are programmed with a unique set of signatures designed to deliver certain results.  The machines use a primary set of frequencies set to a perfect acoustic tune that stimulates lipolysis and hydrolysis of triglycerides in fat cells shrinking them.  A secondary set of frequencies is set to elicit intense muscle contractions that drain the lymph system, tone muscles and detoxify the body.  The contracting muscles increase the production of norepinephrine which helps the lipolysis in adipose tissue. The combination of the frequencies creates a unique and specific signature that results in immediate inch loss in the area being treated.


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