The Nora Offers Italian Fashion at Special Discounts


As a purveyor of high quality Italian brands, The Nora has gained attention of customers worldwide as the one-stop shop for all fashionable needs online. Founded in early 2012, The Nora quickly gained a reputation online for being the store for affordable Italian clothing brands. As the company progressed, the founders extended the website into other components of fashion. In a span of four years, the company has now become a reliable source for all things related to fashion.

The Nora offers many products along with clothing. From watches, handbags, footwear, beauty products, to skincare products and luggage, The Nora has it all. Along with free shipping to certain location and discounts and special deals galore, the company maintains its reputation as the most reliable source for fashion apparel and accessories.

“The Nora strives to be the best. So it’s obvious that we would want to offer as many fashion-related products as possible so that our customers shop comfortably from only one source,” the spokesperson stated. “At the start of our retail business, the founder understood the frustration of visiting numerous online stores for different uses. That got us thinking; we could make the experience of shopping even easier for our customers if we offered numerous components of fashion in one place. And the rest as they say is history.”

The Nora offers free shipping to customers in several countries namely, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Italy. For customers in other countries, the store offers shipping on special rates so that customers are not burdened by delivery expenses.

“The Nora strives to make sure that customers’ experience is as positive as possible. As such, the shipping rates are only what the delivery services charge us. We do not add in any rates for our own value, since it defeats the purpose of affordable shopping. We also maintain an active blog section on our website that offers fashion tips and news on trends in the industry so that customers can stay up-to-date with all aspects of their fashion choices,” the spokesperson added.

The Nora strives to provide top-notch customer services and products to all their first-time visitors and loyal customers. The company values professionalism and dedication to fashion and uses the expertise of the company’s founder to maintain their position as one of the finest retail stores online.

About the Company

The Nora offers a wide range of Italian brands that cater to people with diverse personal style and taste, providing them with exclusive discounts. They also offer free shipping and returns as well.

Ahmad Sabbah
Address: The Nora Fashion, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom
(No Walk-in Business)
Open: Sunday to Thursday (10AM- 5PM)
Phone: +44 20 8938 3142