Bold Media Designs a Brand New Website for Sandboxx Studios

Sandboxx Studios came to Bold Media to help provide them with a new website design that offered a touch of style and class for their music business. Bold Media is widely known for their ability to provide customers with a whole host of website services such as website development, design and other marketing services.

Sandboxx Studios came to Bold Media to design a website complete with interactive features for their customers. Bold Media was able to create a website that offers user submitted forms and a dynamic slideshow that showcases what the business has to offer. Thanks to the responsive design of Sandboxx Studios website, you can view the site on a variety of devices. From tablets to smartphones, computers and laptops, their new website is mobile optimized to provide customers with the convenience they crave.

In terms of a content management system, WordPress was used to create the website for Sandboxx Studios. The images featured on their web pages are both enticing and eye-catching. From the moment you first look at their site, you know exactly what they have to offer you. By looking through the slideshow display of what they have to offer, customers are sure to have a positive experience. As you browse through each page on their site, you will find content that captivates and provides you with quality information. Because of the marketing strategies that Bold Media uses, Sandboxx Studios was able to achieve top ranks in the search engines.

Sandboxx Studios offers a state-of-the-art recording studio packed with staff that are both knowledgeable and experienced. Every artist is provided with the guidance needed to create a professional recording. From jingles to original music, DJ services and lessons, dance routines, voice over lessons and rehearsal space, customers can enjoy a number of different services provided by a leader in the industry. Since opening their doors in 2004, Sandboxx Studios has proven to be successful in all they do. The studio relocated to Berkley to benefit all of the talent in the city and provide them with a premier music studio. To learn more about Sandboxx Studios, head over to

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