Top 7 Google Ranking Factors that Boost your Ranking

Google is known to use more than 200 signals for ranking a particular page or site. So, the question arises as to which of these have the greatest impact as far as rankings are concerned? In other words, which are the factors that you should concentrate on to get the highest possible rankings for your website?

Don’t worry, as CRB Tech reviews has compiled a list of the most important factors for Google rankings in this blog. So just refer these and be sure to have higher rankings for your site.

  1. Page Load Time:

This is a hugely affecting factor. Page loading speed is one of the factors which Google has accepted publicly. Therefore, it is definitely critical. One can easily do analysis of the same and improve the loading time of your web-page. One method is by using the PageSpeed Insights tool from Google.

Use this particular tool to check your site’s loading time. Plugins from WordPress namely W3 Total Cache and WP Smush It which come free of cost can assist in speeding up the things.

  1. Keyword Occurrence and Positioning:

Without a doubt, Google may not give careful consideration towards keyword density now a days. In any case, that doesn’t mean that you stop using them in anyways.

Using your target keyword in key spots on your page – like in your URL, in the start of your

Use Heading tags in article and use  H2 tags – makes an impression on Google that your page is about that keyword.

Use your target keyword at the start of your title tag, in the initial 100 words of an article and then in the h2 or h3 tag. You can learn more of these on page SEO strategies on the Internet.

  1. Length of the Content:

Various studies have shown that longer the content say about 1500+ words are bound to rank higher on Google. This is also the result of the study conducted by SERPIQ. If you see the graphs of such studies, you will come to know that the top 10 results consisted of 2000 words on an average. Therefore, write at the least 1500 words for the page which you wish to rank on Google.

  1. Relevancy of links:

As we came across, a link’s authority (as measured by the PR of the linking page) is truly critical. However, Google is giving careful consideration to the relevancy of the links indicating to your site. Truth be told, an ex-Google as of late employee expressed that “relevancy is the new PR”).

So ensure that the majority of your connections originate from sites that are on the same theme as yours. So on the off chance that you ran a site that sold natural puppy nourishment, ensure you’re getting links from other pet-related sites…not sites about flowers and gifts. Thus, focus on constructing links from relevant sites.

  1. Unique Content:

Google needs to rank websites that have hearty, unique content. As far as we can tell, numerous more established sites have aggregated “junk” pages throughout the years, similar to archive and category pages. Junk pages are thin, copy on the other hand both – which can hold down your site’s rankings.

Discard pages having duplicate content and “nonindex” thin pages.

  1. Responsive or Flexible Design:

More than half of the web’s activity now originates from a cell phone. Google’s legitimate position is that they favor Responsive Design versus a different versatile site (source).

A quick stacking, mobile compatible responsive design can give you higher rankings for individuals looking on cell phones and tablets. Ensure that your site loads fast for the mobile users and provides a responsive appearance.

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  1. Domain Authority:

At the point when ranking a page, Google likewise factors in the power of the domain all in all (that is the reason sites like Amazon and YouTube rank for practically everything).

You can check your Domain Authority utilizing Open Site Explorer. Develop your Domain Authority by making (and advancing) magnificent content. For instance, with The Skyscraper Technique.

These are a few techniques that would definitely help you rank your site higher.