CommunicAID Acquires Property for New Facility

Contact Information

Jourdyn Alli, Director of Public Relations
577 West Street Washington, D.C. 00111
Telephone: 301-875-5774
Fax: 301-875-5700

Interview Contact Information

Suzanne McGrath, CommunicAID President
577 West Street Washington, D.C. 00111
Telephone: 301-875-5778
Fax: 301-875-5760


Key Points:

  • CommunicAID Board of Trustees voted to sign a contract with Washington, D.C. to purchase property for a new facility
  • New facility is located 10 miles from the existing CommunicAID office
  • Development is set to begin within two months
  • The new facility will include:
  • a 32-bed overnight shelter

The new facility will include:

  • 60-person day shelter with food service
  • 30-person long-term family shelter
  • a conference room for community education and meetings
  • individual therapy rooms


  • “We aggressively pursued the property on Mercer Street because of the area’s reputation for poverty and low education performance,” director of public affairs Richard Stevens said.
  •  “Our plan is to offer help to those who are in need, so that we can begin to reform the area.”CommunicAID named the Anderson and Lee architectural firm as the chief architect for the project," Stevens said.
  • “We felt this project was a perfect match for us because we have been looking for ways to improve the community,”  head architect Frank Anderson said.
  • “We are going to work hard to design the best facility for those who are in need,” Anderson said.

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