Introducing The Happy Trunk as a great resource for the summer break (Summer Camp at home).

With summertime vacation being one of the longest parents can have a hard time if They Are not prepared for it. They need to Keep Their children engaged so thatthey do not get bored. Happy Trunk is there to help get rid of summertime blues, keep your children busy and at the same time have fun, this is through providing a summer camp experience at home. Happy trunk is offering a great solution for summertime blues, with arts, crafts and science kits delivered straight to your door. It thus offers an easy solution for busy parents. The children use synthesis kits as play items and at the sametime have hands on experience through working on projects. The kits come with proper guidelines on how to work on each project, and with little guidance from the parents, the kids can work out on Their Own. Hands on learning experiences not only enrich children's minds and self confidence, so They create special moments for the whole family together engaging in creativity.


The Happy Trunk is a family of parents, educators, and crafters bringing in real life experiences and craft and science projects did parents love doing with our kids. The Happy Trunk AIMS team at inspiring and Encouraging creativity in children through hands-on activities.

Parents who have bought the Happy Kids crafts Trunk agree thatthey are perfect solutions for parents who are looking for educational projects to entertain Their children. Signing up entitles delivery of a set of a new box every month right at the doorstep. The box is filled with kids' crafts supplies, science projects, and more.


A parent Who Has subscribed for Trunk kids Happy kits what amazed at how this thing transforming his kid."My 9 year old is learning so much from the Happy Trunk kits, we look forward to them every month! "Says a happy parent.

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