E&H (Ningbo) Magnetics Co. Ltd. Introduces Great Range Of Commercial Magnets


Ningbo, Yinzhou (April 4, 2014) - E&H (NingBo) Magnetics Co. Ltd. is a highly reputed name in neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnet manufacturing industry. This company has special expertise in making motor magnet and neodymium magnet as well.

E&H (NingBo) Magnetics Co. Ltd. is resourced with highly skilled and learned professionals and technicians, who are relentlessly engaged in research, development. They have mastered the art of applications as well, as per the industry standards. This company also market different kind of permanent magnets like, Sm-Co, Al-Ni-Co, rubber magnets and hard ferrites.

Being a years old company, which was established in 2006, E&H (NingBo) Magnetics Co. Ltd. has always kept a conscious focus on maintaining a proper business environment and systematic transportation. The company based in Ningbo, Zhejiang has its own factory unit. This organization has introduced many patented and unique magnet production process and techniques, with the help of their experienced employees, who have the best flair in magnetism and magnetic applications.

This company has introduced a whole range of amazing products. Some of the newly invented products of this company include, small size disk magnet, ring NdFeb magnet, 38 UH survo motor unit magnet, B type permanent holding magnet, magnetic formwork magnet, double circuit magnet, Neodymium tube magnet, N52 block NdFeb Magnet, bonded NdFeb magnet etc.  Apart from these, E&H (NingBo) Magnetics Co. Ltd. also introduces, Neodymium Countersunk Magnet, Permanent ring sink magnet, permanent cube magnets, sintered segment motor magnets and many more. To know more about motor magnets & neodymium magnet please visit

Within the vast product lining of this company, various forms of rod magnets, irregular magnets, bar magnets, cylinder magnets, and block magnets are found at the best rates. The company has recently come up with high quality Precast Concrete Magnets as well. The Precast Concrete Magnet has a pulling force of 1800 kg. The net weight of the product is 7.0 kg. It is usually coated with special Black Epoxy plating. This is a galvanized product that is made off permanent magnet and steel box.

E&H (NingBo) Magnetics Co. Ltd. has always maintained a great professional relationship with the customers. Joe has been interacting with this magnet company on behalf of this organization from a long time. He says, “We are been associated with E&H (NingBo) Magnetics Co. Ltd. from a long time. The qualities of their products are simply amazing. We had no problems in dealing with the team of the technicians of this company so far. We are also looking for a prolonged business relationship with them.”

About E&H (NingBo) Magnetics Co. Ltd:
E&H (NingBo) Magnetics Co. Ltd. is a well known magnet manufacturing company. This company was established in 2006. For more information about Precast Concrete Magnet please visit

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