Capital Workwear Supply the New UK Health and Safety Poster

Required by law for all businesses to display, the UK have a new Health and Safety poster which must be displayed in all work premises - supplied to buy online by leading UK work wear and safety equipment retailer Capital Workwear.

AYLESFORD, ENGLAND, June 11, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As of the 5th April 2014, it has become a UK business requirement to have the new Health and Safety poster on display in the work place.

While this has always been a requirement, the old poster had since become out dated and was deemed unattractive by many. The large chunks of texts made it difficult to find information quickly, and were more like reading the terms and conditions of a new contract rather than what was supposed to be helpful information and advice.

As such, a new poster has been designed by the HSE, offering more modern guidelines and safety practices.

In addition, the poster has been completely re-designed and is now much more attractive with large imagery making it easier to understand. No longer do staff need to read through paragraphs of unnecessary information just to find a simple line of text.

Instead now with easy to understand imagery, it's quick for a member of staff to find the information they require - and ultimately this is what's required with the new Health and Safety Poster. Information must be quick and easy to find, when the information is needed at its most.

The new poster now also references the changes in the law since the last poster was printed. Indeed a lot has changed over the years, with health and safety regulations having been tightened up significantly in the last decade.

The new poster must be put up in a highly visible place in every work place in the UK - this has always been the law, to allow members of staff to have this sort of information easily available whenever they may need it.

Information must also be highly visible regarding assembly points in the case of an emergency; and a separate section is left blank on the poster for the company to add the appropriate details.

The poster is one of the most popular items on sale at the Capital Workwear online store - remember that this law came in from April 5th 2014, your office must have one of these posters already put up by law! These can be ordered online today for a price of just GBP15 +VAT.

Capital Workwear are one of the UK's leading suppliers of work clothing, safety equipment and signage - with a trade counter in Aylesford, Kent, and an online store; customers can purchase either in store or online.

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